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Turn Digi – January 21 – 2021

After a Christmas break, Turn Digi is back on Thursday, January 21st, 2021

The event will be live streamed to the “Turn Digi” YouTube channel, so do not forgot to subscribe to the channel.

Nous avons réalisé 4 Turn Digis en 2020. Nous lançons le premier Turn Digi en français pour commencer 2021. À partir de 17 GMT s – live streaming en direct sur YouTube.

Nous avons Syphaïwong Bay, Isaline Muelhauser et Mélanie Almeida qui vont partager ses experience sur le contenu.

17:00 GMT/18:00am EU start:

Isaline Muelhauser – Freelance: comment créer un processus de rédaction en 5 minutes pour s’économiser des heures de travail
Syphaïwong Bay – Mon contenu est-il optimisé?
Mélanie Almeida – Comment mesurer l’efficacité/ROI de son content marketing ?


Avez-vous toujours rêvé de vous lancer en freelance? Inscrivez vous – Isaline va parler sur “Freelance: comment créer un processus de rédaction en 5 minutes pour s’éconmiser des heures de travail?”

Nous avons Syphaïwong Bay, Isaline Muelhauser et Mélanie Almeida qui vont partager ses experience sur le contenu et le freelance.

Syphaïwong Bay reçut le SEMY Award « Jeune Espoir » au SMX Paris 2019. Elle est à l’initiative des conférences Web in Reims, et accompagne les professionnels pour leurs stratégies de contenus en ligne orientées SEO

Isaline est spécialiste SEO chez Elle comprend les besoins des publics locaux et des sites web multilingues. Isaline est co-fondatrice de la plus grande communauté SEO en Suisse,SEOnerdSwitzerland, et fondatrice du plus grand meetup de contenu en Romandie, Content Strategy Lausanne.

Mélanie est spécialisée en growth marketing et lead generation et évolue depuis 4 ans dans des startups. Actuellement, Mélanie est Responsable Acquisition chez OCUS, où elle gère la croissance de la communauté dans 102 pays. Pendant son temps libre, Mélanie approfondit ses connaissances en Technical Marketing, apprend à coder, développe son blog et des sides projects. Mélanie a été administratrice du Slack “Growth Hacking France” pendant 3 ans, une communauté qu’elle a vu grandir jusqu’à 3000 membres.

Si vous souhaitez participer, contactez-moi, il nous reste 3 places disponibles



BrightonSEO October 2020 – Go Remote in 2020

These are my slides in Google Drive from BrightonSEO in October 2020 when I presented “Go Remote in 2020”

Hello everyone and thank you for coming to my talk all about Going Remote in 2020.

A big round of applause to Kelvin and his team for organising this fantastic event.

I love BrightonSEO. I do hope that we can all see each soon in person.

So today, I am going to talk to you all about going remote in 2020

I am going to give you a brief introduction, then the current working situation followed by the survey, remote working tips and how to upskill.

Then we will end with some takeaways and I will provide further readings.

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Turn Digi – October

After a few months off, Turn Digi is back on Friday, October 23rd featuring many talented Online Marketers.

The event will be live streamed to the “Turn Digi” YouTube channel, so do not forgot to subscribe to the channel. All talks are live streamed in 3 different videos from 11:00am BST.

11:00am BST start:

Roxana Stingu – Web core vitals and the performance report
Sheri Mandour – Social Media tips to elevate your marketing strategy
Anne Chiew – How to get buy-in from your boss for your SEO initiatives

12:30pm BST start:

Amanda Jordan – Local SEO for cities without a physical address
Levi Williams-Clucas – Why local should be part of your strategy, even if you think it shouldn’t be
David Sayce – Checking the Health of Your Website

14:00pm BST start:
Steve Morgan – 10 Ways to Get More SEO Clients
Poppy Mace – How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off by Google Ads
Francine Rodriguez   – Google Ads Shopping for Beginners
Orit Mutznik – Why You Should Make Your Pagination Search Engine Friendly

International Search Summit – Virtual – October 1 and 2 – 2020

I have always enjoyed International Search Summit (ISS)  run by Webcertain, and have gone to everyone of them in Barcelona plus a couple in London and New York.

Unfortunately due to the current situation, there are no offline events taking place and the Munich, Boston, London plus the one in Barcelona have all been combined to now be online.

BUT it will still be interactive. There will be a range of speakers over two days (afternoon time for those in Europe and morning time for the east coast of the US). There will also be a Q and A with Googler Gary Illyes.

Using Remo (which we have used at Search LDN), you can have one to one conversations with others, joining different virtual tables to meet others in the international search industry.

These are just a few things what you can expect from International Search Summit.

  • Truly internationally-focused topics
  • Learn tips and tactics from global brands
  • Connect and network with industry experts in real-time
  • Discover tools and contacts to drive global campaigns
  • Leave with the answers you need for better ROI

There will also be a great case study session from Gunter Gabriel (Hilti) and two brilliant speakers from the Women in Tech SEO community, Jess Peck and Colleen Harris. I love the Women in Tech SEO group !

I have my ticket, have you got yours? As a media partner of the event, I am giving away 10% off the cost of the ticket, just use INTSS2020SEOJO when checking out.

International SERPs – A Study Across 11 Markets

Coming from an international background, I have always been interested in search performance across multiple countries.

As Growth Marketer at Authoritas I have been able to study the performance of the SERPs including images, videos, featured snippets and local pack across 11 different countries. I have put together a presentation that highlights some of the main differences as well as how you can implement featured snippets on your own site with out needing to code..

Please click in the link to view the International SERPs presentation.

Turn Digi July 2nd

We have seen over 900 views of Turn Digi on April 30th and another nearly 400 views for the event May 21st. On July 2nd Thursday we will be putting on a Turn Digi event featuring majority of freelance and self employed online marketing professionals.

The event will be live streamed to the “Turn Digi” YouTube channel. The talks will be streamed in 4 different videos from 11:00am BST.

11:00am BST start:

  • SEO Jo Blogs  – International SERPs
  • Sheri Mandour – Social Media tips to elevate your marketing strategy
  • Sabiha Shakil – How to Achieve More than a Million Euros from Online Leads in 9 months

12:30pm BST start:

  • Azeem Ahmad – Small budget – big problem? Tips to succeed in local PPC
  • Andrew Optimisey – How to make local landing pages that Google (and users!) will love
  • Claire Carlile – UTM FTW – How to Win in GMB with UTM Tagging

14:00 BST start:

15:30 BST start:


Watch this space and register here for more information:

Turn Digi – May 21st

After the success of Turn Digi April 30th and in light that there will not be any offline events for the rest of spring and summer at least, I am running another online marketing event on May 21st.

More than 50% of the speakers at this event run their own business and I want Turn Digi to be a platform to support them, as well as for some of those who have not spoken as much before in the online marketing industry.

The event will be live streamed to the “Turn Digi” YouTube channel. The talks will be streamed in 4 different videos, to set up this week.

11:00am BST start:

  • Luke Carthy – Three new data points you need to measure in Google Analytics
  • Faisal Anderson – The Problem with WordPress… and what to do about it.
  • Paige Hobart– Navigating the SERPs landscape

Break for 30 minutes

Back on air at 12:30pm BST

  • Shannon McGuirk – The truth about digital PR: what is ‘normal’ when it comes to coverage and links for campaigns?
  • Pınar Ünsal– Growing Ecommerce Revenue with Google Ads in an Economic Crisis
  • James Crawford  – Why digital PR is more than just link building.


Back on air at 14:00 BST

  • Kerstin Reichert – An introduction to #IamRemarkable – How to celebrate your achievements and feel empowered
  • Flavilla Fongang – Attract more clients on LinkedIn & grow your brand power of influence
  • Margo Barsukova– Amplify what’s working: Focusing on strengths over weaknesses
  • Break

Back on air at 15:30

  • Jose Hernando – Integrating Google Indexing Data in your SEO Strategy
  • Hannah Thorpe – Preparing for the New Norm
  • Becky Simms – Is behavioural economics the secret weapon your PPC has been missing


Register to be sent the details with the full video links for the event May 21st.



Turn Digi – Online Event April 30th

Health is very important and we have all seem the cancellation and postponement of conferences/events.

However those who are self employed or remote workers who depend on these types of events, cannot afford to wait until the autumn to attend at the rescheduled time.

We are already seeing stock prices plunge with the stock market and to attempt at minimising this down fall of sales and business opportunities, I am creating this free online event, “Turn Digi”.

The online event will be about : “Remote working, mental health and good well being as well as inaccessibility – plus practical online marketing tips ” Practical tips will be tips for setting up GTM, setting up Analytics, doing a tech audit, site migration, organising your time and many more.

Here is a brief overview of our line up, starting at 11am BST.

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Confidence at Work – Who has More – Men or Women ? Twitter Poll Results

Earlier this year, I started hearing about “imposter syndrome” and to be honest I had not come across it before. It seemed to be coming from more females than males, so I looked it up.

Imposter syndrome is a constant feeling of self doubt and insecurity and a fear of being found out to be a fraud even though that person is a high achiever. This syndrome was identified more than 30 years ago, in 1978 by psychologists Pauline Clance and Suzanne Imes. At first it was thought that this affected only women but in subsequent research it has shown that men are also affected. Due to the biological nature of women, they are more susceptible because they produce less testosterone which is the confidence hormone. What I was surprised to read was a study by Natwest that 60% of women put off starting a business due to imposter syndrome. This is terrible. One more hurdle for females to overcome.

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Remote Working – Top Tips for Working from Home

I have been remote working off and on since 2011. I had wanted to remote work before then but I did not know what it meant.

When we were younger my dad’s job meant we moved around the world, living in  6 different countries by the time I was 13. We were lucky to experience so much at such a young age as well as visiting many other countries and cities near to where we were living. However some places I lived, I really loved and did not want to leave. Therefore as a 10 year old, I vowed to work where ever I wanted in the world. Little did I know about digital marketing or online businesses.

Since going back to working full time remote in 2015, I have a lot of tips on what we should do to help you be as productive as possible. I try and take part in online events as much as possible, Alexandra hosts her Digital Olympus that was purely online and branched out to offline as well, there was even a global work from home day last year too put together by Remote How.


Now with many people working from home due to the coronavirus, I wanted to share these tips:

  1. Tell everyone you are working from home. Otherwise they may get you to do invisible jobs (like weeding or cleaning out the cupboards)
  2. Get a proper desk and chair. If you cannot go and buy one, see if you can borrow one from your friends or family.
  3. Change out of your PJs before 9am. It can be 8:58 but make sure you are in work or outdoor clothes before your official work time.
  4. Have a lunch and your regular breaks – you could do lunch with your mom/dad – whoever is not working
  5. Plan a proper stop time and do something away from your desk, this way you are not working into the night.
  6. DO NOT answer the door or phone calls that would go unanswered if you were in the office away from home
  7. DO NOT start doing cleaning jobs or getting distracted with that is on the tv
  8. BE STRICT with yourself, ask yourself if you would act that way in the office (eg watching tv all day)
  9. Communicate with your team. There are a lot of different channels to use, for example Slack, skype (yes skype) and mattermost.
  10. Keep up to date with your tasks, Trello is one way to record your to-do list, asana is a good project management tool.
  11. Have video conferences when you need to through GoToMeeting or Zoom or skype (yes still exists).
  12. Keep to a schedule as if you were in the office.
  13. Get up and walk around – sitting down for too long is not healthy. Your legs will not like you for it.
  14. Make the most of your non commuting time – you may need to get super fast broadband installed.

I went to IKEA to get my desk and chair, the chair was 159 Euros but it is the best chair I have had. Plus I also bought a foot stool. If you cannot find a footstool, get a small box or small step ladder to use under your desk

Working from home is not for everyone. However, during this coronavirus it is recommended everyone stays at home and avoids going out, I recently read about Florian Reifschneider who set up this StayTheF**kAtHome campaign to encourage people to stay at home. Avoid large crowds, do not take the metro or public transport and stay safe.


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