SEO in the Boardroom – SES NY

One of the interesting sessions from SES New York was how to show the value of SEO to the board of directors.  This was in the “SEO in the Boardroom” session, moderated by Simon Heseltine,  For all those in SEO, we have heard too often the question “What is the value of SEO”?, and “Why should I pay for this “free” traffic?

Seth Besmertnik, the CEO of Conductor Inc, was the first to present in this session.

Simon SEO Boardroom


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Mining Your Search Keywords and Social Data for New Revenue Opportunities – SES NY

Bill Hunt’s presentation on mining your search keywords at SES NY was very interesting.  I had seen Bill speak at SMX NY and he always shares great examples which allows us to implement his recommendations immediately.  Bill Hunt is the SES Advisory Board and is also President of Back Azimuth Consulting. 

Bill started the presentation by asking the audience:

Why don’t we leverage search and social data?

  • Marketing programes are siloed
  • Lack of search, Business Intelligence, Sales and Social
  • We do not have time
  • It seems too complicated and we do not know how to

Mining Data KW Cloud


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Content Marketing – How to Earn Visibility and Links Through Killer Content Strategy – SES NYC

One of the great content marketing sessions at SES NY featured two great speakers, Laura Lippay from SEO Gadget and Shari Thurlow.

Laura Lippay  – CEO of SEO Gadget US

Laura from the US office of SEOGadget, kicked off the session stating that link building does work, she has always been white hat.  Therefore as Google updated its algorithm (with the many updates), she had to get creative to earn these links.

Link building has changed

People are now all of a sudden losing money off the back of poor link building.  Some may not have known what link building they were doing (maybe their agencies were the ones doing all the black hat),  while others knew full well the link building was short term.

Laura SEO Gadget


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Search London – Content Marketing and Entrepreneurship

The first Search London day time event took place last month at the Google campus.  This was also the first time we held an event at Google campus.  We had a great turnout and James Carson made a video from the day.

Dixon Jones presented some of the key features of Majestic SEO.

Lisa Myers spoke about Killer Marketing Strategies
If you missed the event, Lisa’s video can be seen on YouTube.

Screw Link Building – It is Called Relationship Building – All on a Budget

Today I spoke at SES NYC, my first speaking slot at a conference and what better place to present, than in New York City.  SES is a great conference and I have always wanted to speak at one of these events.

In the presentation, I shared my experience of working freelance and the relationships I formed last year which still exist today.  People in the search industry are very welcoming and it is one of the best industries I have worked in.  I am pleased to be a blogger for State of Search  and the Search London event I organise has grown from strength to strength, all from relationship building. (past meetups are on

Please find below my presentation which is on slideshare.  I hope you enjoyed it today, please feel free to chat/email/tweet me if you have any questions about the presentation or about search in general.


SEO at the Heart of Google

The Search London event today takes place at Google Campus in Shoreditch.   

This post is part of an experiment!

If you are here, it is likely to be because of a relationship.

We have written this to prove the value of relationship building. If you are in SEO, we believe this is where your focus should be right now.

SEO at the Heart of Google

You may not think that Google and SEO are a match made up in heaven, but  it is.  Google is supporting this event Search London. The first Search London evening meetup was sponsored by Google  back in January 2011 and the first day time event is taking place at Google campus, so they are fully behind us.

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Entrepreneurship and Content Marketing at Google

March is a special month for Search London, it is the first time we are hosting a day time and an evening event and will be on the theme “Entrepreneurship and Content Marketing”.   I have been lucky to see the meetup group grow from strength to strength and  as of writing this post, there are now 1189 members.  There is also a Search London organising team which now comprises of 6 of us, including new member, Russell McAthy who joined us early this year.

SEO at Heart of Google


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Search London – Photos from January 2013 Meetup

Thank you everyone for attending the Search London meetup which took place on Tuesday, January 22nd.

Pierre Far gave a great presentation about Google’s Smartphone Recommendations site. Jon Quinton from SEO Gadget presented a site audit in 10 minutes, quick work !

We would really like to get your feedback from the event, a few people have responded but we would like to hear from as many as you as possible.  Please complete this quick survey »

Thank you again to SEOgadget for sponsoring the drinks, bar food and snooker table, it was a fantastic evening.  I hope to see many of you at the next event we are organising in March. We are just confirming the evening venue and then will announce it to you all

Below are a few photos from the January event:


2013 SEO Predictions from Elena Farinelli

This is the last in the series of “SEO Predictions” from those who I met when I was in Europe in June 2012.  Elena lives in Florence and writes about many places to visit in the city and surrounding area on her site Io amo Firenze. The site means “I love Florence” and visitors will too once they visit this city in the heart of the Tuscan countryside.  I asked the web marketing consultant  about what she thought would happen to SEO this year.

Elena Florence


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What to do if Your Site Has Been Hacked

Just over a week ago, I looked at my site through another laptop that had javascript turned off.  I found a lot of spam content in the header part of SEO Jo Blogs.  It was visible in the code as well and  did not look pretty.  As the site had been built via wordpress, I went into my header.php section and removed the spam content.  However, there was also a problem with the theme and now I can no longer use that – hence the fact I have changed the theme back to its original version when I launched in February 2009.

If your site has been hacked, here are a few tips on what to do:

Love My PC

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