Building a Community Around Brands

At Digital Industry Females earlier this month, run by Sam Noble,  there was a great presentation by Lisa Share  about how to build a community around brands.

In today’s marketing and social media world, it is important to have a community for your brand or product.  A community means bringing together individuals around a common interest and it is how people relate to you and your brand. Lisa shared a few tips on how to build a community around brands:

Building a Community Around Brands

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Conversion Conference London November 2012

Next Monday and Tuesday (26th and 27th of November) is the Conversion Conference in London at the Business Design Centre. Conversion Conference London brings together a host of international experts, with a programme of engaging presentations and interactive sessions which explain how to improve sales and dramatically increase your site’s conversion rates.

Conversion Conference

Nathalie Nahai, Web Psychologist @TheWebPsych and author of the best selling book “Webs of Influence: The Psychology of Online Persuasion”will be a keynote speaker at this year’s London event.  Nathalie Nahai is a renowned persuasion expert, global speaker and founder of business consultancy The Web Psychologist. In her keynote presentation she will show delegates how their target markets think and how to pro-actively optimise their web and social media presence to influence brand perception and consumer behaviour.

Nathalie will be signing copies of her book “Webs of Influence: The Psychology of Online Persuasion” at this year’s conference.


The best selling book expertly draws from the worlds of cross-cultural psychology, neuroscience and behavioural economics to give business owners and entrepreneurs the essential how-to internet marketing guide.  Delegates will be able to purchase a copy at the event or order a signed copy when they register for the conference at All delegates will receive a 30% discount.

Conversion Conference London is the only event dedicated to achieving maximum ROI from online marketing and sales through tracks which cover the key topics of persuasion, best practice, hands-on and testing tools. There will be live landing page tests and expert panel discussions, as well as networking opportunities where delegates can speak to the panel members and meet online sales and marketing experts from leading global companies.

The Conversion Conference Advisory Board

The Conversion Conference Advisory Board consists of the following members:

Richard Baxter, founder and director of SEOgadget. Dr. Karl Blanks, Chairman Conversion Rate Experts. Rob Jackson, founder Conversion Thursday UK. Stephen Pavlovich, director Conversion Factory.  Paul Rouke, head of usability, trainer and consultant, PRWD. 

Data Driven Business Week

 Conversion Conference London is one of the Data Driven Business Week group of conferences taking place in November. All conferences are designed to accelerate business competitiveness through the successful adoption of analytics, voice-of-customer and online marketing best practices. 

The Data Driven Business Week conferences include: Conversion Conference, Predictive Analytics World, eMetrics Summit and International Search Summit. See for details. 

Highlights from Search Love October 2012

This past week was Search Love, one of the most well known conferences hosted by Distilled and partnered with SEOMoz. I had been to the Link Love session back in April which was also at the Conference Centre just off of Tottenham Court Road.  This Search Love 2 day event was jam packed full of great speakers, key search professionals form the industry.  It was really well organised by Lynsey and Lauren, good location, great venue for the networking drinks and delicous food.  I will be writing the highlights from the conference over the weekend, but in the meantime, here are a few photos from the event.



Search London Technical Tips for 2012

Thank you all for coming to the latest Search London event, Technical Tips for 2012.  We had the highest number of RSVPs to the event – 218.  We now also have a new record of the number of attendes. Please find below some of the photos from the event:



Craig gave a very interesting presentation about the technical tips you should use on your own website. He spoke about the importance of Google+, Authorship, Video and Rich Snippets. If you missed Search London, visit us in November, we will be hosting another meetup at the end of the month, announcing it this week.

After 2 years of running Search London on my own, I now have 3 organisers – Luella, Mike and Tim.  They are all in the “featured image” on the post and will be at the next meetup at the end of November.

Search Marketing Expo – SMX Stockholm

I went to SMX East and have been to SMX London earlier this year.  Next week is SMX Stockholm for 2 days, the 15th and 16th of October.  If you are free to have a long weekend in Sweden, head over to the search marketing confererence in Venice of the Norther.


Whether you are just getting started, planning your search strategy, managing the team, or you are deep into implementation, tactics and campaigns, you’ll get the knowledge, ideas and contacts needed to help boost your search marketing results and take your skills to the next level.

Here are some of the speakers at SMX:

  • Hear Richard Baxter, Founder & Director of SEOgadget
  • Kristoffer Ewald, Senior Vice President Strategy, Guava Danmark A/S, Ben Gibson, Managing Director, The Search Agency
  • Anu Ilomäki, Team Lead, Google Ireland
  • Bernt Johansson, CTO of Klikki AB
  • The keynote will be “What’s next in search?“ by Marcus Tandler aka Mediadonis and Partner of Tandler.Doerje.Partner

Anyone who is interested in learning more about search should attend this event.  I really enjoyed SMX East and gained a lot from the conference.  There are a number of different stakeholders within the business who will be coming to the event.

  • Advertising budget holders
  • In-house search marketers
  • Brand managers
  • Paid search advertising planners and buyers
  • Organic search optimization specialists
  • Web technology professionals

SMX  will be run side by side with the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit. So sign up to attend one of the best search marketing events in Scandanavia. View the full agenda on SMX Stockholm.

Highlights from SMX East 2012

I went to my first SMX East in New York City last week.  Combined with ISS on the Monday,it was a 4 day conference.  There were a lot of sessions to attend in 88 hours.  Here are some of the highlights from my time in the Big Apple.

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Highlights from International Search Summit – NYC 2012

I was fortunate to attend ISS this past week in NYC,  It was my first ISS session and there were many interesting sessions.

Here are just a few highlights, the full write up from the morning session can be found on State of Search.

SMX International Search Summit

A Checklist for International Search Success  @andyatkinskruge @webcertain

Andy started the day with a checklist for those entering the international market. Here are some of the top tips for international search success:

1. Research and Planning

  • This is one of the most important step of all the 10.
  • Content, Connections and Compatibility and culture,
  •  Keywords are very important
  • Keywords cannot always be translated, there are some terms that are not present in every language.  Using Google image search helps those to see what the term means in that language.  For example “casseroles” means food but in French it is the pans you cook in.

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State of Search US Roadshow

Earlier this summer I took part in the first State of Search Euro Roadshow where I met many SEOs from all over Europe. Following its success, I decided to go to the States this September/October and meet more SEOs and those working in the search industry. I have now arrived in the US of A for the State of Search US Roadshow where I will be visiting Washington DC and New York city interviewing SEOs and webmasters in both cities.

While in New York City, I will also be attending SMX East and the ISS.  If you would like to be featured on State of Search, please contact me via my Twitter account @SEOJoBlogs or my SEOJoBlogs facebook account.


Hope to meet you soon.

Meeting SEOs in Stockholm – Johannes and Daniel

When I was in Sweden last month, I was fortunate to meet and interview two Swedish SEOs, Johannes Eriksson, SEO Manager at Jajja Communications at his office.  I later met Daniel Norin, one Partner in a tyre and rim company for lunch. I asked them a few questions about what SEO was like in Sweden and its future in this country.

What is the search market like in Sweden?

Both Johannes and Daniel said that there was a lack of understanding of SEO in Sweden.   The search market is growing and is more competitive than just 3 or 4 years ago but it is behind the US and UK in terms of link development and education of SEO. Google does not give much attention to and therefore black hat and spam websites are in the SERPs a lot longer than they would be if in the US or UK.

Are there SEO events in Sweden?

Daniel told me about a meetup which is organized monthly, by a company called Pineberry.  The market is much smaller than one would find in London or New York, but there is a tight knit SEO community in Stockholm and about 30 people go to these meetups.  There is also SMX Stockholm which takes place every October.  Jajja Communications sponsored the event in 2011.  Some of the SEO at Jajja try and visit the annual PubCon conference in Las Vegas.

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Search London – International SEO and How to Build Great Links

I held my latest Search London event  this Tuesday, September 18th at the Theodore Bullfrog pub in Charing Cross. We had 215 people RSVP and had over 90 attend the meetup which was the highest number for Search London to date. Thank you everyone for coming and also for helping to grow the Search London member numbers to 938 (as of today).

We were lucky to have two fantastic speakers at the meetup:

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