BrightonSEO – Organised By Kelvin Newman

I went to Brighton SEO on Friday April 13th.  Thank you to Kelvin Newman for organising a fantastic event and thank you to Andy Betts for getting me a ticket.

There were many interesting speakers, I wrote a summary of the “How to launch or re-launch a brand or product online effectively”a few days ago.  However, I think my favourite of the day had to be the opening panel which was “Ask the engines”.  Links have also been a hot topic in seo and even more so since the Panda update.  BrightonSEO is the third event three weeks that I have been to or organised where links and link spamming has been a key feature of the event.

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How To Rebrand Your Company

I went to Brighton SEO last week and Sam from Koozai talked about rebranding your company. They went through the process last year.  Koozai wanted to create a brand that was more recognisable.  They wanted to differentiate themselves.  Sam came up with many steps on how to rebrand a company.  I have picked the most important. One name fits all Do you want to have one name across all products? That is the question you should ask yourself.  For some companies such as Virgin it works well, but for others it does not.  Would you want to associate Coca Cola with Vitamin Water? The latter is a Coca Cola product but it is aimed at a completely different market and therefore it would be detrimental if Coca Cola was on the Vitamin Water bottle. Continue reading

SEO Jo Blogs Gets A New Look

My website, is three years old. Time has certainly past by fast. When I set up the blog I had been working in seo for a couple of years and done some courses in web design. However, I did not have enough money to build myself a really top range website. I used wordpress which was fine but there were some limitations, so I have started the process of redesigning the site.

It is time to have a new website. Three years ago, people didn’t tweet as much or Facebook like. Google + did not even exist. Now it is important to have many social media plugins to encourage readers to share the content.

I have asked a former colleague who has a lot of experience in wordpress to help me redesign my site. He has his own website Buttons Aren’t Toys and spends a lot of time updating and tweaking it.

The new website for seojoblogs will go live in next week, I would love to hear what you think of the new design. It will have more sharing facilities and you should be able to navigate around the site a lot easier.

Lisa Myers @ Search London

Thank you everyone who came to Search London last week. We had the highest number of RSVPs ever recorded – 166 !!
Although not everyone came, we did have a full house with about 60 – 70 people.

Lisa Myers – the CEO of Verve Search and cofounder of StateofSearch gave a presentation about link building post panda.

For those who were unable to come, here is a brief summary of the meetup.
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LinkLove Debrief Session

I went to the LinkLove London session last week and it was fantastic, I have to write about it.

There were great speakers, Rand Fishkin, Mike King, Branko Rhitman, Jane Copland, Wil Reynolds, Tom Anthony, Martin MacDonald and Will Critchlow.

There was a lot to take away from the event. I think Rand summed it up in the first talk of the day that you cannot just build links for the sake of it. You need to build great content which will lead to more links. This may sound obvious but there are still companies out there that want to get x number of links per month and increase their rankings by doing so.

The LinkLove conference highlighted again the importance of content building as opposed to just link building through directories or article syndication. There are 5 reasons to invest in content creation – from Rand Fishkin
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Facebook Timeline Takes Place Tomorrow

Facebook have ben announcing their new timeline for the past few months. I personally have been ignoring it as I really like the current Facebook page. Every time Facebook changes the layout or brings in a new feature there is always a backlash. In 2006 Facebook introduced the news feed which was met with a lot of negativity due to the fact that every post, picture, comment mentioned on your own wall was then immediately in the news feed. Facebook took note and amended their privacy settings so that people could then control what goes in the feed.

Facebook before the change | seojoblogs

The Timeline will let people easily access their friends’ status updates and photos. I am sure by now a lot of you have already seen the timeline which shows the stories and photos of friends in a far more visual way.

The timeline is coming tomorrow and there is nothing we can do about it. There was the option to use the new feature since it was made public on December 15th last year. Now we have to use it, no opt in options. Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your timeline.

1) Cover Photo
Make sure you pick the right photo for the cover as this is the biggest picture people will see when they land on your page.

2) Timeline
On the right hand side of the page, there is a timeline which shows the years you have been a member on Facebook. It also shows the times you were at school or working in a particular company (if you have added this to the timeline). Friends can also see the timeline if you allow this in your privacy settings.

3) Activity
Now with the timeline there will be a log of all your activity on Facebook, showing photos you have tagged, updates you have made and so on. If you do not want to show all your activity you can hide it from your wall. If you want to get rid of an activity permanently, you will have to delete it.

4) Verify
Now that everything you do and post will be on the timeline, you will need to check it before it goes live if you want to avoid any embarrassing incidents being made public. There is the option to select the “timeline review” so make sure you use it.

5) Privacy
Now with the Facebook timeline, your friends post will appear on your timeline if they tag you. It is the same as if people tag you now, your friends’ post will be on your wall. If you do not want people to see that you have been tagged, you can amend your privacy settings so that “only me” sees the tags.

Hope you are all ready for the timeline that takes place tomorrow. I will be sad to see the old wall go, but I am sure in a few months time, it will all be forgotten.

SMX London 2012 – 15% Discount for Readers

Search Marketing Expo London takes place on Tuesday May 15th and Wednesday, May 16th in London. SMX is for all those that are working in online marketing or those passionate about getting into the field.Here you can meet like minded people who love online marketing, you can meet the speakers, attend the Q&A sessions, network during the break and learn a lot.

I am pleased to announce I am one of the SMX’s blog partner and therefore I will be giving 15% off the price of the tickets to some of my readers. The first three that tweet back to me about this event will receive a code to give them a 15% discount. Make sure you get your ticket before the 30th of March to ensure your early bird discount.

SMX Blog Partner -

This year, the event takes place at the Great Hall, at Chelsea Football Club, nearest station is Fulham Broadway.

Make sure you check out the agenda before you go as there are two sessions running at the same time.

On both days there is the SMX Advanced Track where the sessions include The New Periodic Table of SEO, Surviving Personalisation and Google, Mobile Trends, Real Answers for Technical SEO Problems, Maximising Paid Search Campaigns with Google.

On the Tuesday, there are sessions for Paid Search and Analytics and the Wednesday there is the SEO & Social Media Track.

The keynote speaker for this year’s event is Google engineer Amit Singhal. He will open the conference on the Tuesday. For those that want to have a closer interaction with the speakers, there is a the SMX boot camp.

Look forward to seeing you there.

seojoblogs Turns 3 Years Old

The website is 3 years old.  I set up the blog in February 2009 to learn more about online especially seo and also to help those who were in the same position as me and wanted to get ahead in online marketing.


I do not always update the blog as much as I would like to, but in the three years, I have written 181 posts, went from working client side to then working at two agencies, rising up to be SEO Account Director for a large mobile operator. I am now working freelance on seo projects, something which I love and running Search London, a networking event for those in online marketing.


To celebrate turning 3 years old, I have updated the website.  I love the colour blue, but have modernised the theme and now people can follow me on twitter and on Linkedin.  I will be working on a new logo as the header still looks a bit bland, but I am pleased with the modern seojoblogs look.


Thank you everyone who has followed me in the past few years, who have commented on my blog and who have also attended my Search London events.
Happy Birthday seojoblogs - 3 Years Old

I am not good at baking so I didn’t make this cake – image is from – I just love this computer and looks delicious to eat.

Help For Heroes – Charity Golf Event

A colleague of my dad’s – Giovanni Strawbridge will be taking part in the Help for Heroes (H4H) Big Battelfield Bike Ride  (BBBR) this May.

Gio will be cycling alongside those people who have been been wounded in the current conflicts. All of them have suffered life-changing injuries but despite this, they will be cycling 350miles from Portsmouth through some of the WWI and WWII battle fields in Somme before they finish in Dunkirk.

In order to take part in the race, Gio is holding a charity golf event on the 14th of March to raise the minimum sponsorship of £2,300 for H4H.  Gio is embarking on this race despite being confound to a wheelchair due to MS and battling with cancer for the past two years.  Gio will cover an average of 70 miles per day over 5 days.  Gio realises it will be a big challenge but is determined to complete the journey in his  3 wheel handcycle.

There should be more people in the world like Gio.  He has already had to battle his own illness and despite that is going to cycle the 350 miles.  He continues to be positive and set himself big challenges. The golf day takes place on Wednesday the 14th, all details below in the pdf document.

Help 4 Heroes Golf Day Information Pack

However, you can still support the event if you are not going by donating to the Gio Challenge.


Information about Staverton Park Golf Club

Staverton Park Golf Club is a mature, championship standard 18 hole golf course set in 140 acres of beautiful Northamptonshire countryside. With 4 small lakes and 64 American-style sand traps, Staverton Park offers a challenge to players of all abilities. The facilities have a De Vere Hotel with preferential rates for event players and also a Spa on site.

Staverton Park

Daventry Road


NN11 6JT

Does Hosting Affect SEO

There are three elements of hosting that affect SEO:

1) Hosting location

2) Country specific domain like or

3) Hosting reputation

1) Hosting Location

Matt Cutts in the video below says that the location of your server, the IP address affects seo.  But then he also says the the ccTLD plays a role.  He recommends that you “play around” with your hosting, if you are in the UK, try a UK hosting on the domain and see if you rank higher.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

2) Country specific domain

If you have the country specific domain, then the location of where it is hosted – either US or UK does not make that much difference. This video  from Matt Cutts was back in June 2009 and in December that year, a Google employee said it was the ccTLD that was an important factor.

hosting server IP address importance to SEO – Search Console Help

If you have a country specific domain, then you should not worry where you are hosted. A decent US hoster can serve web site much faster than UK one does. So this is not always the case of hosting web sites in the same country where business commences.

3) Hosting reputation

It is important to have a good hosting company.  If you are sharing a server with a mixture of different spam sites, and the server often crashes, you will see a negative impact on your rankings.  You need to have a dedicated server and a static IP address from a company that can give you reliable hosting where you website never falls down.

Hosting is not the only factor to affect seo, there are a number of others:

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