Search London – SEO Making it work – Judith Lewis

After a summer off networking, Search London has its first networking event of the autumn.

Judith Lewis, a well known search professional in the industry and blogger at and SEOChicks will be speaking at the event. She will be sharing her experience and learnings from seo along with the best ways to get clients to implement seo.

The event “SEO – Making it work” will take place:

When: Tuesday, September 6th, 7:00pm

Where: The Doggett’s Coat and Badge, 1 Blackfriars Bridge.

Over 60 people have RSVPed so far, so hurry and reserve your place today.

Please RSVP on to guarantee your place

Google Plus – Facebook’s new rival

Last month, Google launched Google+ which is pretty much their attempt to jump onto the social media bandwagon. Before we jump into the stats from Hitwise, lets have a quick recap of What is Google+?

google vs facebook

Google+ brings all your contacts in one place, and lets you organise them into different groups. You can have a group for your work friends, school friends and so on. Google+ is made of five key areas:

* Circles — your friends hub. Instead of grouping everyone together as your “friend,” you can create different circles for the different types of people in your life like colleagues, relatives, tennis partners. It is very easy to make new groups and add contacts – drag and drop.
* Hangouts — this is where you can send a broadcast to your friends that you are online and want to chat face to face. You have everyone “hanging out” together – only virtually though. It is like a massive three, four way skype chat.
* Sparks — Designate your interests in Sparks, and Google+ will collect articles, videos, and photos of the things you love from around the web to read when you’re free (like an RSS reader). You can share these items with specific circles of friends instead of all of your friends.
* Instant Upload — With Instant Upload, your mobile photos and videos are automatically uploaded to the web. (So no worrying about backing up your media, you can have it stored online in your own cloud)
* Huddle — A group messaging system, Huddle allows you to chat with a number of friends on the go via your mobile phone.

So do you think Google+ will take off? Only time will tell. Hitwise have come up with the following interesting stats, so it looks like people are using it. I doubt they will give up on Facebook, so the battle between to the two search giants will continue.

– Google+ received more than 1.79M total visits the week ending July 23, 2011. That is a decrease of 3% vs. the previous week (July 16th). The site received 1.86M total visits the previous week
– The average time spent on the site was down as well by 10% from 5minutes and 50seconds to 5minutes and 15seconds
– Among the top 50 Upstream sites, 59% of Upstream traffic to Google+ last week came from other Google properties. accounted for 37% of Upstream traffic to the site. Gmail accounted 15.59%, a 9% increase from previous week
– 40% of Upstream traffic to Google+ last week came from Search Engines (8% increase). Email provided the 2nd largest amount of Upstream traffic accounting for 19%.
– 59% of visits to Google+ are from Males.
– Among age demos, 33% of visits are from users age 25-34 for the 4 weeks ending July 23rd.

I have yet to really engage with Google+. At the beginning, only those with invitations could use Google+ but now everyone has an invite.

London Blog Club with Judith Lewis

Last week I went to London Blog club which took place at the Green Man, by Great Portland Street.

I wanted to go because my former colleague, Judith Lewis was speaking at the event. It turns out it was a mini i-level reunion as Mike Doyle, James and Eric who all worked at the same place also came.

Judith is a great blogger and twitterer and shared some tips on how to increase your subscribers, followers and reach with your blog.

1) Headline
Have something controversial to attract the attention of your readers.

2) Comments
Make sure you comment on other people’s blogs and they will begin to comment on yours.

3) Social
We all know this is the year for social search. Make sure you have a twitter profile and update it regularly. You can always schedule tweets, you do not have to be tweeting live all the time.

4) Engage
Respond to people, if they have left a comment for you, say thank you, talk to them.

5) Follow
If you want people to follow you, start following those in your field, but do not spam them.

6) Ask
Get people to subscribe to your blog. Also have a link to say “follow me on twitter”. Once a week, go and find one peerson who you don’t comment on their blog or follow and start following them.

7) PR
If you know some people who work in the same field that you blog about, then email them. Tell them you blog about a topic – as in Judith’s case it is chocolate and that you noticed they are in PR in the same field.

It all sounds so simple. The thing that I need though to implement it all is time…. something that seems to be very scare these days.

As always, I took some photos to remember the occasion.

American Independence Day

Today is the 4th of July, American Independence Day.

What will you be doing to celebrate?

There are a number of activities organised throughout London:

Be Bop and American Hops
Until Mon Jul 4, Positively 4th Street

A real-ale festival, celebrating American Independence Day with US-inspired beers from British breweries. There’s also music, DJs and burlesque performances

Uncle Sam

Blues Kitchen hot-dog-eating competition
Blues Kitchen

Take part in a traditional eating competiton – this time with hot dogs. The prize is ‘Hot Dog King’ for the year as well as a Blues Kitchen voucher worth £100. You can still go along even if you are not taking part in the competiton as there is live country music and acoustic blues performances late into the evening.

373 Lonsdale Rd, SW13 9PY
Celebrate Independence Day with live music from an array of special guests.

I am going to head to Bodean’s, a must for those that love BBQs, not really friendly for vegetarians.
There are three in London:
169 Clapham High Street SW4 7SS, in Soho 10 Poland Street, W1F 8PZ and South London – 4 Broadway Chambers, Fulham Broadway SW6 1EP

SEO Down Under

Hi everyone,

I know it has been some time since I last updated my blog. I have not shown it much love. I have been really busy at work and also at home. My sister and her fiance moved to Australia for good which meant we all moved out of our flat that we shared.

We went to the airport on June 21st and said goodbye.
It was supposed to be quick, but then we realised they were 42kgs overweight.

Ruth and Matt 42kgs overweight - costing 1,000 pounds

As Ruth and Matt did not have a spare 1,000 pounds which could have easily been the cost of a plane ticket, they decided to repack.
Matt and Ruth repacking

Once they had repacked and shipped the additional case as cargo, it was time to say goodbye. We are seeing them in 6 months time. Wish them well Down Under…..

Ruth and Jo saying goodbye - see you in six months

Ruth will not be coming to anymore Search London events, but she may be getting into Search Down Under.

Good Luck Ruth !

SEO Tools – which ones to use

Thanks to all those who came to Search London – SEO Tools.

It took place at the Doggett’s Coat and Badge on June 14th. I hope you found the presentation from our sponsor Linkdex interesting. Please find a link to the presentation below:

It is always hard to find one tool that does everything. I often find you have to combine a number of seo tools, seomoz, Google Keyword tool, Backlink checker, but Linkdex seemed to have everything under one package. I will be testing it out and let you know how I get on. John Straw was offering some free trials to those that attended, so get in touch if you would like one.

If you would like to find out more about search london, please visit our website

Search London – SEO Tools

I am arranging another meetup next month called “Search London – SEO Tools”

It will take place on Tuesday June 14th at the Doggett’s Coat and Badge.

Linkdex will be sponsoring the event and will be showing us how they have helped companies with their seo.

Linkdex has developed a suite of integrated seo and project management tools to help improve a website’s rankings and traffic. It’s a combination of easy to use but very powerful collaboration tools such as share tasks, keyword research, rank tracking, link building and competitive analysis all within one platform that gives you insightful data for your seo strategy.

John Straw, the founder of Linkdex will be talking about how he developed the seo platform with real results from those who have used the tools.

RSVP to guarantee your place at “Search London – SEO Tools” on June 14th

Search London

London, GB
2,277 Members

Search London is a meet up group which aims to bring those who work in SEO, Social and PPC together. Events are organized every 8 wks and members are from a mixture of agency,…

Check out this Meetup Group →

Integration is Key – SEO, PPC and Social

I held a meetup last Thursday on the HMS President. We had two speakers:

Martin McDonald from
Matt Owen from Econsultancy

Martin McDonald kicked off the event with:

A brief history of search
Larry Page and Sergey Brin set up – yes that was the name before they changed it to Google. They were both students at Stanford University at the time. There were two search boxes. There was the option users to search Stanford University and also the web. In order to be seen within the search engine, you had to have keywords in the code of your site telling the engine what your site was about. This is now referred to as “Keyword Stuffing” and it did help many sites rank for 7 or 8 years.

What is PageRank?

PageRank is what Google uses to determine the importance of a web page. It’s one of many factors used to determine which pages appear in search results. It was designed by Page and Sergey. The more links a site had to it, the higher the PageRank it could achieve. Therefore people started buying and selling links, trying to boost their own PageRank. This is not what Google intended and this is where social signals comes in.
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What is Google Social Search?

Google announced a product update last Thursday, May 19th – called Social Search.

Google first launched it in 2009 on only. It was supposed to be, as they say “an experimental feature designed to help you find more relevant information from your friends and the people you care about.” We know Google, they keep developing their products and they introduced Google Plus 1 earlier this year. Now, Google are bringing Social Search to more users around the world.

Social search results in other languages and on other domains are mixed throughout the Google results page based on their relevance. If you are looking for a particular product, it will highlight blog posts, twitter feeds that you are connected to .

Click on the link which is a video showing how social search works.

Google Social Search

So what do these updates mean for those in online marketing? It means you need to make sure you are covering all bases. You have to be present on blogs, in forums, on twitter, have an active facebook page (although Google cannot work out Facebook’s algorithm that mean. Social Search will be rolling out globally in 19 languages and should be available in the coming week, with more languages on the way. You cannot ignore social anymore. It is here to stay, Google have also said they will be rolling out the + 1 feature soon.

Google is constantly updating its range of products and even launched its first blog dedicated to search last Wednesday. I know I will be checking this one out on a regular basis. Google certainly invest heavily in R&D and it has paid off. They are now the number one search engine in the west.

Search London – Integration is Key

I have teamed up with the Online Marketing group to host a networking event on Thursday, May 26th. Integration is key to any successful campaign and there are many areas of online marketing which have an effect on search. This is one of the reasons Search London and Online Marketing Meetup have joined forces to host the meetup this week.

HMS President venue

Speakers include Martin MacDonald from who will be talking about integrating social with SEO. Matt Owen from eConsultancy will be talking about Facebook optimisation

Leading Digital Recruitment company Digital Gurus are sponsoring the bar so there will be free drinks until the tab runs out.

Nick Yockney at Digital Gurus looks after the Media and Performance division – SEO / PPC / Media Agency Roles / Affiliates. So if you are looking for a new role in digital, speak to Nick and he will point you in the right direction.

Thursday is the new Friday, so RSVP to the event happening this week.

The nearest station is Blackfriars or Temple

HMS President (1918)
Victoria Embankment,
London EC4Y 0HJ