Google’s mobile strategy – Nexus one

Google has launched its new smartphone, the Nexus One. It will sell the phone directly to consumers, aiming to boost its position in the emerging mobile Internet market by exerting greater control over the new generation of Web-surfing devices. It hasn’t even hit the UK shelves yet and is already being slated saying it is not as revolutionary in design as the iPhone was. Well that is a hard act to follow. The Tech sites have said it is not that different from other Android phones. HTC, the company making the handset have said the new phones are built on the same Android 2.1 software that runs Droid smartphones but it has updated features such as 3D graphics and speech recognition.

The Nexus One is sent from Google’s online store for $179 with a two-year contract from Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile USA, or $529 if you do not want to be tied in to contract.

Unfortunately, all phones are shipped from the US so if you order one from the UK, you will have to pay the base price of $529. Plus an extra $30 for DHL shipping and $20 for UK adapter (if you want one). And don’t forget the VAT – now back up to 17.5% making this one expensive phone. I would wait if you can’t afford to buy one during this credit crunch.

But good news people, Vodafone are apparently getting the Nexus One in March. So watch this space….

Mobile strategy

You can longer ignore mobile as part of your marketing plan.

People didn’t think digital or online marketing would take off but look at where we are today.

Companies should start thinking about having a mobile strategy as part of their marketing plan. Of course, this may not be suitable for all, but it certainly is for retail, banks and even some B2B businesses.

1.Disney & mobile

Disney recently announced its mobile strategy . They are going to have SMS alearts and games, sweepstakes programmes and video enabled mobile website – they will have a WAP version and one for iPhone’s safari browser. Last October, they released a free, ad-supported app for iPhone and iPod touch. Their mobile site and app support all the Disney films, tv shows and video games.

They also have an expanding line-up of paid applications available in the App Store such as Toy Story Mania, Disney Fairies Fly, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Breakspin. The entertainment giant works with several mobile ad networks, including Millennial Media, AdMob, Jumptap and Nokia.

2. Search engines go mobile

Google even has its own mobile strategy, launching the first Android phone the G1 in 2008. Last November Google paid $750 million for Admob and Apple bought Quattro, Admob’s privately owned rival which owns mobile websites and applications for Apple’s iPhone and other smart phones, such as those using Google’s Android operating system.

There is potential to earn a new revenue stream. Mobile advertising has not yet completely kicked off, mainly due to the old phones that were slow and didn’t allow more than text messages. According to Strategy Analytics, smartphones now account for 15% of global mobile shipments, and that proportion is expected to rise to 45% by 2013. There is a window of opportunity here for companies to get on board early and work out their own mobile strategy or work with an agency that can help them. According to Gartner, mobile advertising revenues could be worth as much $13 billion by 2013. If a company could have just 1% of that, they would be very happy indeed.

Source: Business standard

When you do decide to go mobile, make sure your mobile strategy is part of your marketing plan and not just ad hoc as this will not work. Please do not think of your mobile strategy as building applications and then sitting still. Zara has jumped on the iPhone app bandwagon but don’t seem to have thought much about the actual application as this post from Econsultancy explains.

2010 is the year for mobile search

Since the iPhone was launched in June 2007, more and more people are accessing the web through their mobile. There are of course other smart phones on the market place, but the iPhone was the one that made it easy to surf the web and the first handset to introduce apps.

Since 2007, there has been two more releases of the iPhone – iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS as well as the Android G1, HTC Magic and the Motorola DEXT, plus not forgetting the Palm Pre.

So this year is set to be the year where more people are accessing the web through their handset.

According to Morgan Stanley , more customers will access the internet through their mobiles than PCs within 5 years. It also states that the Mobile Internet market will be “at least 2x size of Desktop Internet,”. Morgan Stanley bases this on analysis comparing Internet users with mobile subscribers.

The growth of the mobile internet is due to the adoption 3G and increasing popularity of smartphones, the leader being the iPhone. Morgan Stanley predict smartphones “will out-ship the global notebook + netbook market in 2010E and out-ship the global PC market (notebook + netbook + desktop) by 2012”

So for those who have never thought about mobile search, now is the time. Check out my other blog post about mobile search.

Top mobile phones for 2009

12 months is a long time in the mobile phone world.

This year has seen quite a few “firsts” in mobile land, here I have just highlighted the major phones for the year, if you think of anymore, please contact me.

May – Android HTC Magic on Vodafone
Follow up to the T-Mobile G1 ‘Googlephone,’

The second Android-based phone, the Magic no longer has the slide out QWERTY keyboard of its predecessor, and is a slimmer, sleeker package from Vodafone

October 2009
Motorola’s first handset in several years and first Android phone – Motorola DEXT. This was available only on Orange but as the iPhone was coming out the following month, people did not sign up to the DEXT.

November 2009
Saw Orange get the iPhone – O2’s exclusitivity on the iPhone came to an end.
The first ever 12 mega pixel camera – the sony ericsson satio released onto the market.

December 2009 – Tesco launched the iPhone

Mobile phones in business

There are a wide range of business mobile phones. This post will just cover a few of the ones I have come across that have been selling well in the British high street. If there are some I have missed off, please feel free to comment and ad more.

Some of the best sellers, according to Vodafone are:
1.Nokia E71
A very popular phone indeed. This nokia phone has been a best seller and one of the greatest challenges to the Blackberry handset. It has push email, web browsing as well as multimedia capabilities including the 3.2 mp camera, video calling and media player. It comes in grey steel or white steel. The only slight disadvantage with the E71 is there is no track ball as with the Blackberry, so navigating your way on the web can often seem clunky.

Nokia E71

The E71 and the Blackberry Curve 8900 are both free on plans with Vodafone.

2. Blackberry Curve 8900

The Blackberry Curve released in November 2008 is smaller and lighter than the previous curve and the Blackberry Bold. It is compact and light, fits comfortably in the pocket, more so than the previous versions which felt heavier and clunky to carry. It has been said that the Blackberry Curve 8900 is not just for business but for personal use as well. With its full QWERTY keypad, it provides a quick and easy way to access the web and reply to those necessary emails that just keep on coming. It is easy to set up the email function. The music player handles different music formats including MP3 and AAC. On top of that, it also has a video player. There is also a 3.2 mp camera, which is apparently better than the Bold.

Blackberry 8900

3. Blackberry Bold 9000

Unlike the previous two handsets the Blackberry Bold 9000 is free on plans of 30 pounds a month from Vodafone. This blackberry has 3G coverage, meaning it is faster and quicker. It of course has WiFi as well like the 8900. However, the bold only has a 2 mega pixel camera, but if you are using this for work, taking photos may not be such a high priority. Choosing between all three will come down to personal preference and budget, let me know what you decide.

Blackberry Bold 9000

Images are from the the Vodafone store

Mobile phones for students

Students are at the forefront of the mobile phone revolution. Despite having no money, they tend to have the latest and best mobile phones.

Blackberry 8520
Blackberry once popular for business users has found a new user group – students. The Blackberry Curve is one of the top selling handsets in Phones4U.

Blackberry Storm 8520

It has a touchscreen, newly designed multimedia player and a 3.2-megapixel camera. This mobile phone has been one of the most successfully Blackberrys.

The popularity of this phone increased and is increasing due to the QWERTY keyboards and instant access to Social Networking, Among Nokia handsets, the E-series phones is also very popular, especially the E71.

The iPhone has also been a hit amongst students. It is one of the best handsets for facebook and email. Once you download the facebook app, you will never be off it.


If you are a student and know of any other popular mobile phones amongst you and your friends, then please leave a comment.

Top mobile phones for teenagers

More and more children are getting mobile phones. According to the times half of British children aged 5 – 9 own a mobile phone.

Now it seems if you don’t have a mobile, you really do miss out.
You can’t call or text your friends. You can’t upload music to your phone, take pictures and then post them to facebook. So what type of phones do those kids get?

The most popular phone is the LGCookie
LG Cookie

The LG Cookie KP500 is available on pay as you go. It has a camera, multi media player so you can listen to your favourite songs and has a 3.2 cm touch screen. It is available from most high street stores.
carphone warehouse
Orange shop
Vodafone shop

The LG Cookie can be purchased from £59 pounds from Orange plus you get a 10 pounds top up. If you go to TMobile it costs 49.99 and you get £10 worth of credit.

Samsung Tocco Lite
The other popular phone for under 18s is the Samsung Tocco Lite. Unlike the LG Cookie, this is also available on pay monthly. The Samsung Tocco Lite can be purcahsed for £68.99 from T Mobile and includes £20 credit.

10 years of mobile phones

In a few more days we will be in the year 2010.

I thought this would be a good time to review and reflect how the last 10 years have changed for mobile phones.
Now more than 4o million of people have a mobile phone. According to the guardian 99% of teenagers own a mobile phone and these are normally pay as you go as they cannot afford the contract phones.

I remember when I got my first mobile phone, around this time 10 years ago. It was with BT cellnet and a bit of brick even by those standards then. Texting was very popular among me and my friends as calling was way too expensive. It is interesting to see this trend has continued where young people are texting more than calling. Of course now, they are also acessing the internet on their mobile devices, something 10 years ago was unheard of.

1999 – Nokia 3210
saw the release of the Nokia 3210 which was very popular.
3 Games came preinstalled, the most famous was Snake. It was also the first mobile phones to feature an internal antenna. A big improvement from the other mobile phones which had a large and unsightly antenna. Picture messages was also on the handset. One of the most recognised was the Happy Birthday message. I remember sending many of them.
Most of my friends (under 25 years old) had the Nokia 3210, it was a good price across the major mobile phone operators.

Nokia 3210

The Nokia 3310 was the successor of the 3210 and was even more popular. More than 126 million handsets were sold. This mobile phone also had interchangeable casings, allowing people to personalise their own handsets.

Nokia 3310

The smartphone BlackBerry was released. It supported push e-mail, mobile telephone, text messaging, Internet faxing, Web browsing and other wireless information services.

Blackberry 5810

Motorola RAZR V3
One of the most famous phones of 2004, partly due to the advertisements featuring David Beckham and also because it was the thinnest phone available, 13.9 mm thick.

The keyboard had revolutionary precision-cut design, with the numerals chemically-etched to keep the pad flat. In the dark, the whole keypad lite up with a blue glow.

Motorola Razr

Nokia N95

This handset was revolutionary for its time. It was truly a mulit media device, had all the latest gadgets on it, including a top camear and music player. There was a waiting list to get the N95 and was available first on T Mobile.
Nokia N95

Nokia N95 image source

The iPhone

Revolutionised mobile phones as we know today. The iPhone launched June 27th, 2007 was the ultimate phone to have, great internet access, touch screen phone, music player, you just had to have an O2 contract. The iPhone started the mobile internet era as mobile search for Google took off (which was the default search engine on the device) and mobile apps became popular.


Android G1

The first Android phone launched in October in the US and UK. In the UK it was available on just the T mobile network on contracts from 40 pounds a month.

Google Android phone

Mobile phones for Christmas

What did you get for Christmas? I am sure some of you would have received a new mobile phone. You will be happy to have got a lovely new phone but what if it is the wrong one? Well here is some advice for those that find themselves in the situation:

1. If it is a contract phone, unfortunately you will not be able to return it. Only if the mobile phone is faulty will you be able to do so. The contract lasts for 12 or 18 months, whichever length was signed for. You can go back to the shop and speak to someone about your query of course but you cannot be guaranteed to get a refund or change the mobile phone.

2. If it is a pay as you go phone and you have not opened the packaging or inserted your SIM card, then you should be able to discuss the possibilities with the retailer.

3. If you are unable to return the phone, you could always give it away – a charitable thing to do. There are many places where you can donate to-
Mazuma mobile - recycle your old mobile phone