Search London – How Brands Work with Bloggers

We have had a great Search London year so far, organising 5 meetups this year. The next and last event for 2015 will be about how big brands work on content marketing for campaigns. These brands will show how they work with bloggers, the press team and their own SEO team, integrating their work to achieve great results.

As we are approaching the Christmas season, I am inviting invite brands to get involved with Search London and share with us how they worked on their previous Christmas campaigns.

Destination Christmas

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EU Search Awards 2015 Winners in Berlin

Last week I covered the fourth EU Search Awards which took place in the lovely Hilton hotel in Berlin. Here we are with the Young Search Personality of 2015 !  There were lots of award winners on the night.  The full details of who won from which category are on the State of Digital site.  On SEO Jo Blogs, you will find some of the more informal photos from the night.  Feel free to share !

Young Search Personality

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Interview with UnGagged And Their First Event in Europe

After running Search London for over 4 years, I wanted to find out how others organise and put on events.  In this post, I interview our sponsors, Ungagged for our next Search London event.

What makes Ungagged different to the other conferences? (USP – why people should attend)

  • UnGagged is different to many other conferences with the DM / IM / Search arena.
  • UnGagged is a speaker led event where the speakers get total freedom to deliver what they want, how they want.
  • What is shared at UnGagged is always unique and always cutting edge, with many of the speakers, especially those entrenched in SEO, not deciding on the full extent of their session until days before the event due to the nature of changes in our industry.
  • UnGagged does not let any outside influence change the course of what we feel is important to share, it’s a behind closed doors, no recording allowed, high caliber intermediary to advanced level intimate, sociable 3 days.
  • Sponsors or partners have absolutely no say in what we allow our speakers to reveal because UnGagged is a platform for free speech and if they are worried about the content, they should sponsor a safer more mainstream event.
  • UnGagged is about pulling the gag off, so the speakers can let rip with quality, immediately actionable take-aways to help the attendees learn more and earn more.
  • We facilitate a experience where an international DM / IM / SEO community gets together, shares the latest and greatest proven methodologies over some great food, free drinks and awesome networking where everyone gets an amazing ROI.

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Interview with Builtvisible about Content Marketing in China

In this post, I interview Owain Lloyd Williams who is one of our speakers at my next Search London event. I wanted to ask him about his time in China and what he learned from his time over there.

To find out more about International Content Marketing, please purchase tickets via Eventbrite.

1) What made you decide to move to China?

There were several reasons, though above anything as a fresh faced graduate back in 2008 the allure of spending a few years in an unknown yet incessantly varied and ever-changing country proved too strong. I was aware of the opportunity present in the country, and this was coupled with a long-standing fascination and willingness to explore the culture and learn the language. The picture of China painted by our media also has a tendency to be rather sweeping especially for such a complex country with such a history, and, regardless of whether this coverage was positive or negative, back then I felt like I just wanted to find out as much as I could by being there and breathing it all in.


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Search Events in March

March is a busy month, there are lots events taking place in London.  Here are just a few:

How to Get the Most out of SEO and Social

Tuesday, March 10th,

The class is for those in online marketing, those working client side and also working agency side.

It is also suitable for entrepreneurs, managing their own websites and client sites.  Those working in agencies will learn about how to integrate SEO and Social Media and how they can use these tips for their clients.  Anyone working in digital should attend the class to learn more about how SEO and Social are interconnected and how by working efficiently together, it can lead to higher visibility, more engagement and of course,what everyone wants – more traffic.

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Search Trends in 2015

We had a fantastic turnout on Monday for the Search Trends in 2015 presentation.

Our first speaker was Danny Denhard.

2014 was a busy year in search. Emoji became the most popular word and Facebook led the way for ad revenue. It was also the year when Twitter was used by teenagers to ask questions.

So what is install for 2015?

1. Improving sites, tech and functionality
2. Answer questions before they are asked
3. Long form vs Digest – good to have a mixture, and there is reason to explore what works best
4. Breaking a story, PR important
5. Browser vs apps (always audit and market)

In terms of answering as many questions as possible when people land on the site. Mobile can be guilty of not doing this. It is important to create questions off the page and answer them on the site.

So what else will happen in 2015?

1. Pinterest & Instagram – discovery is key
2. Pinterest is good for infographics
3. Shareable is the new ‘viral’
4. Twitter – trust signals could help rank. Authority could be split by subject
5. Twitter and LinkedIn will have their own platforms
6. Vloggers will using different forms of media
7. Contextual content is more important
8. Apps will be built for content – product hunt (disposable apps) location apps are increasingly important
9. GIFS will be created for education
10. 2015 is the year for audio. It is also the year of amplification and promotion
To find out more, view Danny’s presentation on slideshare below:

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