How to Generate a ROI in Social Media

In our last meetup, you learned about the ROI of Keyword Research and also the importance of PR.

In the next Search London event, on 

Monday, June 29th from 6:30pm,

We want you to help you with the ROI of Social Media.


Hannah Thorpe from theMediaFlow will speak about:

Brief. Deliver. Measure. Repeat: How to Quantify Investment in Social Media”

Social Media can be a tool with unrivalled potential, or a distraction and a waste of time. In order to make the most of your investment in social media, it’s important to identify your objectives, and then measure the results to quantify the impact it’s having. 

As Senior Account Manager at theMediaFlow Hannah creates successful social media strategies and frequently demonstrates the value of social media across a range of industries. 

Our second speaker is Jasper Martens from Simply Business.  Jasper will speak about 

How to Use Social to Make Small Businesses Brand Aware and ‘Ready to Buy‘”. Jasper will present examples of how Simply Business is using social, search and PR to make audiences brand aware and turn them into a ‘ready-to-buy’ state, demonstrating ROI on social, online PR and search. 

Jasper is Head of marketing and communications at Simply Business, UK’s biggest business insurance provider, protecting 300,000 businesses. Having worked with small businesses for over 10 years in the Netherlands and the UK, Jasper knows how to engage and activate small businesses through a multi-channel approach, especially through social, search and content. 

Look forward to seeing you on Monday, June 29th !

Jo Turnbull and Tim Sheed

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