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June 25th Google Update

We only just had the Penguin 2.0 update at the end of May and then we have been hit by another update from our friends at Google in June.  For sites that are in .com.au, it may be hard to see whether the Penguin 2.0 had an impact on their site or if it was the latter update considering the fact the updates do not always impact non .com domains straight away.

There was a great post on MozCon about the June 25th update and which queries and sites were affected.   I suggest for those interested to know about exactly how their client may be affected by this last update, please read.  I thought it was an interesting post, but it also made me start questioning the fact that we all know that there are over 200 updates from Google a year and they announce just a handful of them, so why does everyone always go crazy when these announcements are made? Does Google think we are just sitting around waiting for these updates to then change our SEO strategy?

Sitting Around


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