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BrightonSEO April 2023 Write Up Day 2

Day 2 of BrightonSEO was just as jam packed as Day 1. I have written a few notes from the sessions I attended:

Phil Nottingham – Turning an unloved corporate YouTube
channel into a traffic generation machine
Daniel Morehead – SEO For television: the rise of streaming
🦻🏽 Ahmed Khalifa – Cut the crap-tion! – How *real* captions can
take you and your video engagements to the next level

Turning an unloved corporate YouTube channel into a traffic generation machine

Phil Nottingham

Just because you do not understand the process of creating videos that does not mean You should not do it.

Principles of Search Marketing that we have in Google, can be applied to video.


  • Expertise
  • Authority
  • Trustworthiness
  • Experience

Expertise, Google will understand the context of the video.

  • E can add another A = Aesthetics, does it look good, does it sound good?
  • T – Thumbnail – very important to have this
  • WE can expand the EAT principle and it will therefore be EEAATT

Then Phil took us through an example – fake example of Kelvin Newman’s YouTube channel.


Phil speaking at BrightonSEO

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International Search Summit Barcelona – November 2022

Autumn in Barcelona means International Search Summit is back. This year was the biggest event they have had to date. I first went to International Search Summit in September 2012 when it was in New York City. I have been a fan of it ever since.

There were three tracks with speakers from over 30 countries. I wrote a recap of the day from the sessions I attended. Webcertain will be sharing the slides of all those who spoke and the recordings too soon.

Meanwhile here is gallery of some of the photos from the day.

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London SEOMeetup – BlueArray Event in London

I was so pleased to speak at the Blue Array LondonSEO meetup last Thursday at the Trainline offices.

Thank you Blue Array for organising the event and thank you to Trainline for hosting us.

This was the first event I have been to where there were only women sharing their advice and tips. I am not including the Women in Tech SEO meetups or Festival.

We had Greta MunariJodie Harris, myself and  Beth Nunnington share Digital PR and SEO tips.

I spoke about “How to Upskill in Tech SEO without Losing Salary or Confidence”. I chose this topic based on my own experience of being a freelancer and wanting to gain more experience in tech seo while also being freelance. I had done a lot of tech seo at the beginning of my career but being self employed you tend to work on many different areas of online marketing and I wanted to go back into specialising in one field.

My slides are in a Google Slide deck, please find the review the presentation about Upskilling in Tech SEO here.

I have shared some photos of the events on SEOJoBlogs, thank you also to Graciela Martin for some of the photos.

Turn Digi – July 7, 2022 – Making a Big Impact in Search

I have been impressed with many in the search industry on what they have accomplished that I wanted to share this with others on Turn Digi. Sometimes small changes and small steps can make a big difference and this is inspirational for others who want to carve out their own career in search.

July 7th, I will be hosting Turn Digi’s “Making a Big Impact in Search” and will be speaking with Cheryl, Rejoice and Simon who will be talking about not only search but how they grew their organizations and agencies:

  • Cheryl will present “Harnessing the power of keyword intent” and “How a strong culture impacts business growth”
  • Rejoice will talk about “What happens when you are intentional about tackling Diversity & Inclusion”
  • Simon will share with us “Creativity in SEO” and “Growing an Agency”

Cheryl Luzet

Cheryl Luzet is the CEO and founder of award-winning digital marketing agency Wagada Digital. She has worked in digital marketing since the early days of the internet. Following a degree in languages and a stint in the travel industry, she returned to university to do a Master’s in Electronic Publishing which was a fabulous mix of online journalism, coding and user experience.

Rejoice Ojiaku

Rejoice is a Content Strategist at Rise At Seven, she also co-founded B-DigitalUK which is a community aimed at the Black demographic to educate, inspire and empower Black Talent to learn and be visible within the industry. She is also an Award Winning Diversity & Inclusion Advocate as she is very passionate about tackling how ensuring Black voices are heard and the Black experience understood.

Simon Schnieders

Simon Schnieders is the Founder of the UK’s largest SEO agency, Blue Array.

Established in 2015 the business has bootstrapped (self funded with no investment) to over 50 employees and >£5m annual turnover. Simon is also an investor and advisor to companies including ClickMechanic, SonicJobs and BakedIn. He is also the Trustee of a homeless charity in his hometown of Reading called ‘New Beginnings’.

Come join us on Thursday, July 7th at 4:30pm GMT and learn from those who had a simple idea and developed it into an award winning agency and foundation that has gained traction from around the world.

8:30am San Francisco time
11:30am New York time
4:30pm London time
5:30pm Barcelona time
6:30pm Dubai time
9:00pm New Delhi time
9:30pm Dhaka time
11pm Bangkok time
11:30pm Singapore time
12:30am Tokyo time


International Search Summit Barcelona

International Search Summit (IntSS) Barcelona is back this month, first time in 2 years. I am so pleased to see there is an in person event in my new home city. My first IntSS was in New York in September 2012 where I met the Marketing Manager, Gemma Houghton. I then went to their London event and for the past few years have been coming to the IntSS in Barcelona.

I was proud to speak at Barcelona on my topic “Saying Yes to International Projects”  – even if you do not have the resources. Please find here a link to my slides.

There were a lot of experienced marketing professionals sharing their experience and marketing tips. I covered just a few from the day

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Tech Exeter – All About Access

I had the opportunity to present at TechExeter on September 8th, 2021. I first heard about this conference from Sarah Marks who I met through the Women in Tech SEO Community.

I was impressed by the organisation of the event especially as it is run by volunteers, all doing this in their own free time. The event was a full day from 10:00am with networking and all videos had video captions, this meant it was accessible to all. This was the first event I attended and spoke at that had video captions.

I talked about “How to Build Great Relationships Online”, please find the link to my slides here.