End of 2010, new chapter awaits

Yesterday I went home to the parents house as I was house sitting while they are out of the country. I could not find my cat and went round to the neighbours who then found him passed away in their garden. It was was quite sad. I did not realise I would get so upset, it was actually my sister’s cat. Mine had passed two and a half years ago. What I was sad about was the end of a childhood era. Both cats we had since I was 11 years old and the passing of them signified an end of a chapter in my life.

snowball the cat

When one chapter closes, another one opens and my mind began to wonder what 2011 would bring. I hope lots of health and happiness. People are always looking for that , the pursuit of happiness. In terms of actual new adventures and experiences for 2011, I have a few:

First is the search club I am organising in January. I hope this will bring more people together to talk about seo, ppc and social. I really think there are very fine lines that separate the three. All can be seen as an integral part of a business’ digital strategy.

The second is my trip to South America in March. I have done a lot of travelling, but never yet ventured to South America. I will be going to Brazil, Igauzu falls and then onto Buenos Aires where I hope to study Spanish for a week.

The third is another trip – as some of my family will be in Australia by next Christmas, I will definitely be sunning myself down under. I just hope I won’t get snowed in like so many people did this year.

Well 2011 doesn’t look that bad. As long as I have my health, I have everything, so I wish you all lots of health and happiness for the next 12 months. And hopefully some milder weather as well.

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