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Google are constantly updating their algorithm, so we have to jump on the Google bandwagon if we want to rank high in the search engine giant.

Two weeks ago I wrote a post about authorship  and the actions we should take from it.  The following day, April 24th, Google updated their blog with a post about rewarding high quality sites. They said that over the next few days that they will be launching an important algorithm change targeted at webspam.  It is now the 3rd of May and their blog post has not yet been updated on the change, but I am sure it will soon.

Google Algorithm Update |

This is just the latest in a long list of updates they have introduced over the past 12 months.  Sometimes I wonder if there will ever be an end.  It is good they want to get rid of spam sites and I agree with that completely. But Google can sometimes penalise sites as was the case with the Panda update.

Google have said that they can’t give much away what they will introduce over the next few weeks but as always they give out the advice to website owners to create high quality sites which create a good user experience and only use white hat techniques. At Brighton SEO Pierre Far mentioned the same thing which also featured in the “Ask The Engine” debate.

The Panda update affected 12% of queries and this algorithm may affect about 3.1% of queries in English. I am actually quite interested to see how this will affect those in SEO and also the impact it may have on our clients.


2 thoughts on “Google Algorithm Update

  1. Luella Ben Aziza

    In response to Google’s blog on the 24th, I set up – a way to crowdsource the predictions of those in digital on what Google has up its sleeve for SEOs. Currently, it’s pointing at them extending authorship to include other social sites, but we’ll see – early days yet…

    Thanks for the insight Jo


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