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I went to the LinkLove London session last week and it was fantastic, I have to write about it.

There were great speakers, Rand Fishkin, Mike King, Branko Rhitman, Jane Copland, Wil Reynolds, Tom Anthony, Martin MacDonald and Will Critchlow.

There was a lot to take away from the event. I think Rand summed it up in the first talk of the day that you cannot just build links for the sake of it. You need to build great content which will lead to more links. This may sound obvious but there are still companies out there that want to get x number of links per month and increase their rankings by doing so.

The LinkLove conference highlighted again the importance of content building as opposed to just link building through directories or article syndication. There are 5 reasons to invest in content creation – from Rand Fishkin

1) Content helps with everyone of those channels,
It helps to win bigger fans, get better rankings, more referring links. This leads to a stronger social following on all networks.

2) SEO people want to be proud of their work
If those that have written the content are happy with their work, they will promote it which will lead to more people viewing the content.

3) Long term strategies that last no matter what
Content creation campaigns last far longer than just buying links or syndicating to link directories.

4) Content building links while you sleep
Seomoz gets links from just the content that they build. This could happen to WCR if they have a regular post with news which people link to.

5) Content build brand loyalty and trust
There were so many people at LinkLove on Friday. Seomoz has built up a huge following due to the content they have created, them being active on twitter and responding to people’s queries.

If your client is one of those who just want a certain number of links built each month, please educate them on the value of content creation and how important and long lasting it will be. The results will soon speak for themselves.

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