The importance of links.

It is very important to have good quality links coming to the site.  Links are essential in SEO, bots and crawlers check the incoming and outgoing links to our site.  The crawlers rank how important this links are and if they are relevant to your site.
There are lots of directories and blog articles where the website can be submitted to. With genuine content, you will be able to generate links with other website and blohs. If you link to other sites then they will link back to us and our page rank number will increase.

Link Building methods
Links should be built from a variety of places
–    Web directories such as or business.come
–    Seo press releases
–    Blogs and blog comments
–    Any other of your other websites (eg parent company)
–    Social booking like, Digg
–    Niche websites in our area
–    Affiliates

•    Search Engine and Directory Submissions
This is an important step in link building process.
You should not submit to all search engines, this is a timely and costly process (some require a submission fee).  Alternatively, you could submit the site to webdirectories – global and local depending on your target audience.
You should submit your site to the Yahoo directory and the open directory Once submitted, the search engines should fine your site within 2 or 3 months.
Alternative free directories (directory of UK websites)
•    Online press releases
Press releases can also be an effective way of promoting your website and increasing traffic and awareness of the site. This is also a good way to build inbound links to the online community.
•    Blogging
Blogging is a very important way to upload fresh content to the website
It also provides an area where you or your company can communite with its customers.  There are a lot of free blogging software.  One that I am using now is wordpress!!
•    Social media
This is a growing factor in helping promote websites, facebook, linked in and social bookmarketing sites such as, digg and stumbleupon. These sites can help in building back links, articles about your site and as a result increasing traffic to the site.
•    Internal Site Linking

This is also an important aspect of link building but is often overlooked.  Internal keyword navigation is an important party of search engine algorithm.  Some sites may have very few internal links.
•    Link scouting
It is important to research sites that could provide a potential link to your website.  This means a lot of work should be done into the competitor link campaign and web searches to find potential sites for us.

I bet you didn’t think I could write some much about link building!

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