London Blog Club with Judith Lewis

Last week I went to London Blog club which took place at the Green Man, by Great Portland Street.

I wanted to go because my former colleague, Judith Lewis was speaking at the event. It turns out it was a mini i-level reunion as Mike Doyle, James and Eric who all worked at the same place also came.

Judith is a great blogger and twitterer and shared some tips on how to increase your subscribers, followers and reach with your blog.

1) Headline
Have something controversial to attract the attention of your readers.

2) Comments
Make sure you comment on other people’s blogs and they will begin to comment on yours.

3) Social
We all know this is the year for social search. Make sure you have a twitter profile and update it regularly. You can always schedule tweets, you do not have to be tweeting live all the time.

4) Engage
Respond to people, if they have left a comment for you, say thank you, talk to them.

5) Follow
If you want people to follow you, start following those in your field, but do not spam them.

6) Ask
Get people to subscribe to your blog. Also have a link to say “follow me on twitter”. Once a week, go and find one peerson who you don’t comment on their blog or follow and start following them.

7) PR
If you know some people who work in the same field that you blog about, then email them. Tell them you blog about a topic – as in Judith’s case it is chocolate and that you noticed they are in PR in the same field.

It all sounds so simple. The thing that I need though to implement it all is time…. something that seems to be very scare these days.

As always, I took some photos to remember the occasion.

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