Reasons To Build Your Own Site Even if You Are a Social Media Guru

What does it take to launch your own website? Do you have time or do you want to a company to help you? Lukasz Zelezny is all over the world speaking yet still has time to build his brand new site.
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When did your site launch?

I launched my new site Zelezny early 2015. These days however it was a website based on engine. I had no time to launch a proper one and that is why I used mentioned solution. Thanks to this however I could aggregate some backlinks and a little of traffic ( based website rarely rank well as these content was based on RSS feeds)

Later I switched to WordPress that sits on Siteground with material based theme called Zephyr.

What made you want to build your own site? Before you said it was difficult to have up to date content for a website and it was on a domain (could you please confirm that domain).

Its still difficult because day has only 24 hours and nothing can change this. From the other side I am more and more busy. But I finally had to launch a proper website as that is an additional way to build reputation. 

Also I wanted to have a website to communicate with conference organizers. That is the main role of 

Lots of content there is about myself speaking at different events across Europe. My website is also very well optimized regarding to “conference speaker” related keywords. That helps in many cases.
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Did you build this new site yourself? If not who did you have to help build it?

Yes I did. Its based on wordpress, Zephy theme with few commercial plugins.Honestly I was thinking to hire a company to build this because of lack of time. Unfortunately I know myself and I know I may be too fussy to accept outsourced project of my own website.

Have you seen an increase in traffic to your site (compare to the old one)?

Absolutely. I mentioned that based websites rarely rank. The new one has unique content, is optimized and I am trying to keep page speed as low as possible (not sacrificing usability).

How do you have the time Lukasz? You are speaking at so many conference ! I am glad you made it to Search London in June and we made your past speaking gigs list. Its difficult but I am trying to keep myself organized as much as I can. I am using trello, calendars and more to keep myself on track. Search London is very special to me because its always great to meet what I call “London SEO Scene”- fantastic people who lives here and who gives boost to SEO industry.

From the other side every time I am speaking in Europe I am trying to go there and return the same day to save as much time as possible.

How would you recommend someone working at a company (but not able to use their case studies) start speaking at conferences?

I would say its a fab way to meet fantastic people, to increase own personal brand, to share and learn. Finally its a skill that may be useful in the future. Speaking on the stage is not the easiest thing to do. So fight stage fear and increasing confidence level is great way for self improvement.


Thanks for your time and for giving me opportunity to share my thoughts with readers of SEOJoBlog. And warm greets to Your readers.

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