Majestic is Gold Sponsor of Search London’s 5th Birthday Party

I am really pleased Majestic is the Gold Sponsor of Search London’s 5th Birthday Party.  Majestic has been involved with Search London from the start. They sponsored the bar at our SEO at The Heart of Google event back in March 2013.  Below is a photo from the event of Dixon Jones and  I nearly 3 years ago now.

Dixon and Jo

Dixon and Jo at Search London 2013

Dixon has worked at the forefront of search marketing since 1999, since he set up the UK based search marketing consultancy, Receptional. During that time, Dixon has been a consistent presenter on the search conference circuit all over the world and has helped clients in all sectors – including national papers and international search engines themselves to understand their own search strategy. His consulting clients come from a wide variety of difficult sectors, from travel to gambling.

So what has changed in the past few years?  From a marketing perspective, Majestic have really made a conscious effort to target and help their users in Europe; (so they’ve certainly expanded their marketing strategy) from what it was 2 years ago.

They have tried to improve what they were already doing, (so Site Explorer and Topical Trust Flow which updates daily and provides over 800 topics)

Mr and Mrs Jones

Dixon and his lovely wife at the UK Search Awards in November 2015 –  last year they welcomed a group of summer interns and tasked them with developing ways that people could use their data differently, producing a range of innovative products that allow you to use their data in a more advanced way. There is a Social Explorer tool where you can see the most influential person on Twitter within any industry by just clicking in a circle! A racing game where you can compete with other players; each car accelerating, handling, and powered by Trust Flow, Citation Flow and Topical Trust Flow. Plus, “Web Bubbles” and “The Majestic Universe” where you can identify and compare sites like WordPress, Adobe and Google; (all-in-all helping users understand the data, and how you can think or display it differently)

Business Pages –  they released these just over a year ago now but they allow users to create business profiles which combine with both Geotargeting of visitors and the rankings from gamification. This allows non-customers of Majestic to find local and current experts simply by visiting the business pages URL. Great for lead generation

Finding Twitter influencers. Last year Majestic built an app so that Android users can use Majestic from within Twitter. This lets user’s see how influential every Twitter user is and in what context, without relying on Klout scores or easy to manipulate numbers such as follower counts. Users can move Twitter profiles into Majestic buckets at the touch of a button for later analysis too.

Nicola and Jo

Nicola and Jo at the UK Search Awards 2015

Come and meet Nicola and Dixon and find out some of Majestic’s new features. RSVP on meet have changed and developed over the past few years and how RSVP on


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