Malware Hacked into wordpress blog

I have had this wordpress blog for over a year and the other week I found there was a virus on my site. When someone visited my site, the malware image appeared as below:

Malware virus on wordpress

I want to get more visitors to my site, not turn them away. So I started researching how to get rid of this malware virus.

1. Updates
There was a wordpress update, but I did not download the latest version till last week. If you do not download the latest version then you are more prone to hacks into the wordpress blog. So I backed up my blog and downloaded the latest version. I also made sure the plugins were the most up to date.

2. WordPress plugins
I looked at another
site which recommended I download a plugin for wordpress. It helps find potential viruses, javascript and iframe injections. The plugin is called WordPress Exploit Scanner. I downloaded it but it didn’t highlight any viruses.

4. Google webmaster tools
I logged into Google webmaster tools and checked if there were any errors, but there were not. All appeared well. I was running out of ideas so I decided to call my hosting company, Godaddy.

5. Hosting company
I called GoDaddy and they scanned my site. They found that someone had hacked into their hosting company and sent this virus out to everyone who hosts with them. Great, just what I need, I thought. The problem is that GoDaddy were aware of this problem took a long time to sort it out. I had to call Godaddy to tell them to check out my site, not the other way round. Normally I really like the company, the staff are really helpful

So now I have to look for a new hosting company. I asked Judith Lewis who posted a tweet on twitter and I got a lot of recommendations for hosting companies. My GoDaddy account runs out in a month, so I still have time to research where I want to host If you have any other recommendations, let me know.

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