Three Ways to Execute Marketing Campaigns on a Budget

We have three speakers talking about one aspect of marketing each – Social, Data and SEO.  They will be sharing how to carry out marketing campaigns with limited funds.

The event will take place on:

Date: Wednesday, 30th of July from 6:30pm

Location: Theodore Bullfrog, 26 John Adam Street, WC2N 6HL

Please register for your ticket on Search London Eventbrite.

Our first speaker is Jorgen Sundberg.

1) How to Use Content & Social Media Marketing on a Shoestring

Forget advertising. Jorgen Sundberg will talk about how to combine content in all shapes and sizes and social engagement to drive marketing campaigns on a budget. Got challenges you want him to address, tweet him @JorgenSundberg.

2) Content Marketing Analytics: How to Make Data Work Harder for Your Business on a Budget

Daniel Smulevich gives a how-to session to gain real insights into what drives your users and how to maximise it.

With all the buzz about content, marketers compete to generate the best content out there. Google Analytics is often the first tool we turn to in order to understand how our content performs, but pageviews, downloads and sign ups only tell us a (very small) part of the story. Digital marketers tend to limit themselves to reporting on superficial metrics rather than finding the right KPIs for their business. 

3) The Power of SEO Even on a Budget

Your host of Search London, Jo Turnbull shares her experience on how to execute SEO even with the lowest budget to drive more visits and conversions. SEO seems to always get the smallest piece of the marketing pie, yet at the same time, it is scrutinised and always has to provide a high ROI. Jo will show how you can provide that ROI clients are asking, even with limited funds.


In order to capture all the tweets and questions people will be asking on the night, we are doing to be using a web-based tool called “Gives a Voice to the Audience” with its USP of connecting the audience with the organisers and presenters of the events.’s focus is on simplicity – organizers can create an event in less than 1 minute, while participants get just 1 simple link to join in. has worked with over 800 events since it started last year, including an event with the founders of Eventbrite. Find out more about here.

Please register for your ticket on Search London Eventbrite.

We look forward to seeing you on the 30th of July.

Jo Turnbull and Tim Sheed

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