Mining Your Search Keywords and Social Data for New Revenue Opportunities – SES NY

Bill Hunt’s presentation on mining your search keywords at SES NY was very interesting.  I had seen Bill speak at SMX NY and he always shares great examples which allows us to implement his recommendations immediately.  Bill Hunt is the SES Advisory Board and is also President of Back Azimuth Consulting. 

Bill started the presentation by asking the audience:

Why don’t we leverage search and social data?

  • Marketing programes are siloed
  • Lack of search, Business Intelligence, Sales and Social
  • We do not have time
  • It seems too complicated and we do not know how to

Mining Data KW Cloud


Think about social media cycles

  • If people are talking about your product on the weekend, can we map this to paid search findings?
  • Is there a correlation between what people are looking for and day parting?

Alignment to social media

  • Add Tier 1 keywords to social media monitoring  – There are almost as many misspellings for a word
  • Understand the “sentiment” of keywords
  • Understand the context of words
  • Compare search volume – conversations and conversations
  • Identify influential Social Media sites including blogs and forums for link building
  • There are spikes and mentions in the market place that we can put media against
  • Look at the tag cloud, the queries people are looking for.

Absolut Hibiscus Vodka – New Flavor

– start seeing these recipes in search.

  • Tell people that this new type of vodka is available
  • In social media can open up a contest – what is your favorite drink?
  • There was a lot of content created to target what people were looking for and then could translate it back to some ROI

Category Authority – Do you own your own Cluster?

  • How are we performing for a set of words?
  • Are we there for all occurrences? Do people reference us?
  • If we speak to our social media people then we should be interacting with bloggers who are owning the cluster of keywords

Mine Needs and Wants

  • Use site search questions for content
  • There were 27,211 questions identified in the database (in Bill’s example)
  • 600,012 on site searches for questions
  • How queries were – 10,240
  • What queries were  – 6,333

Monetizing Questions

  • How can we make money using this knowledge?
  • Out of the 600,000 site searches manually, 15% were identified as directly merchandisable (in Bill’s example)
  • 200 new pieces of content developed
  • These are key questions added to social mining

Purchase Cycle and Intent

  • Who is researching product use and information?
  • Looking for features and functions?

Use Buy Cycle Modifiers

  • Leverage sale and buy cycle words
  • Buy, sale, closeout, upgrade, in stock, refurbished
  • What percentage do we own? We really need to understand these different modifiers


Understanding “Keyword Qualifiers”

  • Words that help us isolate a specific opportunity, interest, audience or need

Category/Interest Segmentation

  • Segment by features, function, types – anything that allows you to understand searches’s mindset
  • Create a page for this and then will drive traffic to it.
  • 75% of the queries were “clothing type and shapewear”,
  • Focus PPC messages, social media and content prioritization
  • The way they were presenting their content was wrong.
  • Sometimes you might be presenting your content in the wrong way on your site
  • Make a page for that content and rank for it.

Organic Click Thru Rate by Search Position

  • If we ask ourselves what if we filtered the data according to the keywords.
  • What is the click through rate for certain keywods.  does the CTR change by persona?
  • The words were not matching what the customer wanted

Bill Hunt

Mining for Opportunities

  • There are two areas to look at – traffic and relevance.
  • Are we losing people because of our message?
  • Missed Opportunities models
  • Bill Hunt built this model when he was at IBM and demonstrated to the board where the gap was.  In his example, he identified that if IBM had a 3.7% increase in clicks, then that would bring an additional 111,000 visitors.

Under performing keywords

  • Monitor words that are ranking but not getting fair share of traffic
  • Can I fix any of this?

End of Life Product Opportunity

  • Fixing EOL landing pages and snippets should deliver additional 50k visitors per month.
  • Company generated addition $400k

Paid and Organic Collaboration

  • Look at what we are buying for paid and why are we not rankings?
  • How many people know for your top 20 most expensive cost per click words where you are ranking in SEO?
  • The SEO team may not know about these keywords.
  • Replicate high converting PPC terms into keywords for SEO to close the gap

Mix and Match Data

  • We are squandering commercial search
  • Mine the data, but also understand your market
  • For example if you are selling dishwashers in NYC, tailor the campaign for small dishwashers (no one has room in an average NYC apartment)

How to Maximise

  • What are the best selling products in each area?

Next steps from Bill

  • Do your data collection
  • Segmenting and weighting – decide what should be the focus for your resource
  • Insight – understand the real performance of keywords
  • Search influenced revenue – they came from search, so we must have had some impact on that

Thanks Bill, great presentation from SES NY March 2013.

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