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Those in seo and mobile seo may know of an event called I am a newbie to the meetup group and have really enjoyed it. I have been to the London Bloggers meet up on two occasions and it was a great set up.

Yesterday, I went to App Jam which was the first meet up and if this one is anything to go by, I will certainly be going to the others. App Jam was set up by Tania and Laurence Adermi and they organised a whole host of entrepreneurs and developers to talk about their apps.

One of the speakers was Remco van den Elzen who founded Distimo and talked about his experience with apps.
What I found interesting about Distimo is that if offers a free analytics tool called Distimo Monitor which they use to monitor their own apps and those of apps in stores.

There was also a panel where there was a discussion on the subject “To App or not to app”. Apps appear to be the way forward despite the fact that not every phone is a smart phone. This was a good topic to discuss as I mentioned in my last post, mobile app or mobile site people are divided between making their website seo friendly and building an app. An app is more expensive and if you do not have the resources, make sure your site is visible on a mobile browser, but the conclusion was that Apps are the future for companies that want visibility on handsets.

No one mentioned anything about mobile seo which I was surprised about. Perhaps they do not think it is as important as mobile apps. Or maybe mobile apps is seo? However there are more app meet ups to come and this topic will be explored further.

Here is an overview of the topics discussed at the meet up:

40 AppJam: App developer demo include
Name: Marko Balabanovic
App: Topsee – compiled by an all-star cast of London bloggers, the real experts on the latest greatest places to go and things to see, the top foodie finds, cool bars, shopping spots and quirky sights.

Name: Morgan Davies
Company: Sauce Digital
App: Flick Football 3D – a unique gesture based football game – played in first person

Name: Michael Breidenbruecker
Company: Reality Jockey
App: RjDj – ses the power of the new generation personal music players like iPhone and iPod Touch to create mind blowing hearing sensations.

Name: Doug Chrisholm
Company: Rippill
App: Rippill – iPhone and mobile apps which utilise social and location-based features

Name: Neil Stanley
Company: Almex
App: iHi – iHi breaks the ice in any situation with eye catching electronic speech bubbles.

Name: Kavin Bharti Mittal & Namit Chandha
Company: Kodu
App: Movies Now – Movies Now! makes it easy to find cinemas near you and check showtimes. You can browse the latest movies and watch high quality trailers on the go.

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