Mobile phones for Christmas

What did you get for Christmas? I am sure some of you would have received a new mobile phone. You will be happy to have got a lovely new phone but what if it is the wrong one? Well here is some advice for those that find themselves in the situation:

1. If it is a contract phone, unfortunately you will not be able to return it. Only if the mobile phone is faulty will you be able to do so. The contract lasts for 12 or 18 months, whichever length was signed for. You can go back to the shop and speak to someone about your query of course but you cannot be guaranteed to get a refund or change the mobile phone.

2. If it is a pay as you go phone and you have not opened the packaging or inserted your SIM card, then you should be able to discuss the possibilities with the retailer.

3. If you are unable to return the phone, you could always give it away – a charitable thing to do. There are many places where you can donate to-
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