Top mobile phones for teenagers

More and more children are getting mobile phones. According to the times half of British children aged 5 – 9 own a mobile phone.

Now it seems if you don’t have a mobile, you really do miss out.
You can’t call or text your friends. You can’t upload music to your phone, take pictures and then post them to facebook. So what type of phones do those kids get?

The most popular phone is the LGCookie
LG Cookie

The LG Cookie KP500 is available on pay as you go. It has a camera, multi media player so you can listen to your favourite songs and has a 3.2 cm touch screen. It is available from most high street stores.
carphone warehouse
Orange shop
Vodafone shop

The LG Cookie can be purchased from £59 pounds from Orange plus you get a 10 pounds top up. If you go to TMobile it costs 49.99 and you get £10 worth of credit.

Samsung Tocco Lite
The other popular phone for under 18s is the Samsung Tocco Lite. Unlike the LG Cookie, this is also available on pay monthly. The Samsung Tocco Lite can be purcahsed for £68.99 from T Mobile and includes £20 credit.

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