New Design For SEO Jo Blogs

I wrote a post a few days ago that I was going to redesign my website.  This past week, there have been a few final tweaks and now I am pleased to say it is “officially” live.

Welcome to the new SEO Jo Blogs site.  There are a few areas on the site that have been amended with this redesign:

1) The Name – from seojoblogs to SEO Jo Blogs

It was always SEO Jo Blogs and it will always be, but as people had been reading it as seo job logs, I decided to separate out the SEO from Jo and Blogs more clearly. Now it reads as it should = SEO Jo Blogs.

2) Sharing – Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin

The redesigned site has more sharing plugins.  You can also contact me through the email function.  I have set up a new Facebook page to coincide with the new site.  I am still working on the vanity URL, please click on the Facebook button at the top of the site or click on the SEO Jo Blogs Facebook page link.

3) Logo

You will see there is now a dedicated logo on the SEO JO Blogs website which is very similar to the one on my business card. I just never had a proper logo for the website. Thank you to  Said Bhugeloo from Buttons Aren’t Toys for designing the logo and the website. I really liked the logo from my business card  and therefore based on this, Said created a brand new logo for the website. The new theme for the website which Said worked on ties in with the business cards and the modern look of SEO Jo Blogs I wanted the site to have.

The Old SEO Jo Blogs


I hope you like the new website, it would be great to hear your thoughts on the redesign.  Look forward to seeing you all at the next Search London, date to be announced this week.

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