Nexus one with Vodafone

According to the Telegraph , The Nexus one will be sold in the Vodafone shops in April, soon after TMobile get their hands on it.

Changing the mobile landscape

To get hold of one for yourself, you will need to go directly to Google,

What’s so good about this smartphone?

1. The Nexus One was the first phone to come with Google’s Android 2.1 and comes powerful features like a 1Ghz Snapdragon processor and a 800×480 multi touch screen.
2. The Nexus one is the company’s first own-brand mobile phone. There is not yet any information about tariffs, but people expect it to be about the same as the iPhone.
3. This is Google’s attempt to push through Android as one of the best smart phones to have in the market place.

The Nexus One has already launched in the US in January this year. Vodafone are not giving much away as to when exactly the phone will be available. I just went onto their blog and they still say it will be available “early spring”.

The photo is PhotosEcosse’s on flickr.

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