Real time search

This week saw the launch of real time search by Google.
But what exactly is it?

According to Google Fellow Amit Singhal “Google Real Time search is Google’s relevance technology meeting the real-time web. There is so much information being generated that relevance is the key to any product, and that’s where Google comes in.” This means when you type in ”

How does this affect SEO? Well if there are results dynamically generated in the SERPs, then the organic results will not appear as often. Therefore website owners have to work even harder to make sure their site appears in the SERPs.
1. Content is king – use keywords in the title, on page copy, on your social networking sites. Then when someone is searching they can find the content in the real time search results as and why they are created.

2. Make sure it is topical. So write about current events, events that will be in the news, that people will be looking for. This post is current with what is happening in search and should be picked up. If someone posts a comment on your blog, make sure you respond and have conversations with your followers.

I will be adding more information about real time search, in the meatime, have a read from webpronews

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