Search London – How Brands Work with Bloggers

We have had a great Search London year so far, organising 5 meetups this year. The next and last event for 2015 will be about how big brands work on content marketing for campaigns. These brands will show how they work with bloggers, the press team and their own SEO team, integrating their work to achieve great results.

As we are approaching the Christmas season, I am inviting invite brands to get involved with Search London and share with us how they worked on their previous Christmas campaigns.

Destination Christmas

For many large retail brands, Christmas is the busiest time of the year.  With such competition, how do big brands grab customers’ attention? There were many Christmas campaigns over the years from retailers such as Marks and Spencers and John Lewis which went viral.

How do campaigns go viral? And do they all require a large budget? Find out all the details at the next Search London event which will take place in November.

Tim and Jo

If you are a brand and would like to sponsor Search London, please contact myself, Jo Turnbull or Tim Sheed.

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