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Last week we had a great turn out at Search London.  Thank you everyone for coming. Paddy Moogan gave a fantastic presentation about link building through blogger outreach, how to find good blogs.

The presentation was very informative and from the feedback on the night, everyone really enjoyed it.  I think it is extremely important that people move away from the number of links they build for a client.  Some clients do want a certain number of links per month so they can put a ROI for their SEO.

Here are some the tips to find good blogs:

1) Who cares about your content

I think this was the most important point out of the entire presentation.  If no one is interested in what you are writing it about, you will find it difficult to get people to link to your site from your content.  Find at least 5 people who care about your content before you start writing it.

2) Blogger Link up

There are many different platforms avaible to allow you to get in contact with other bloggers.  Paddy suggested both BloggerLinkup and Blogdash. I have used Myblogguest before, but in the past month or so, there have been some very spammy sites.

3) Advanced search queries

You can also use advanced search queries to find good blogs. Add your keywords to the following examples:

“guest post”,“write for us”,“blog for us”, inurl:contributor, intitle:”guest post”

For example, if you are looking for gadget blogs, you would use the following syntax:

gadget blogs inurl:guest-post

gadget blogs “write-for-us”

You will then need to analyse the blogs you find, check their PR, the number of inbound links, anchor text, check to see if they are a genuine blog or if they have only been set up for the purpose of link building.

4) Check what your competitors are doing

Using, it is easy to find which sites are linking to your competitors and not to you. This does have its limitations as it does not give you any new sites and you do not want to have links from the same places as your competitors.

5) Finding influencers

Tools such as topsy and followerwonk tell you what are the trending topics and who are the influencers. AuthorRank was a tool developed by Tom Anthony and helps you to find out who is linking to you. As Tom mentioned when AuthorRank first came out, people should be more concerned about who they are getting links from rather than where they are coming from.


Thank you to Paddy for presenting at Search London.  Paddy has kindly shared his deck with us which I have emailed round.  For those who did not receive the email, please find below the link:

Here are a few photos from the meetup.




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