Search London – How To Make My Blog

Thank you to everyone who came to Search London last Monday.

We had a great talk by Marko Saric who shared some tips on how to increase traffic to your site. The video of the event with the presentation is on the link below:

However, here is a quick recap for those that missed it:

1. Keywords in your domain
If you are setting up a website, make sure you have the keywords you want to rank for in the domain.

2. CMS
If you have enough time and are able to you can write your own content management system. However many people when setting up their sites use wordpress. It is free and easy to use and there are a number of plugins to help with SEO.

3. Articles

Write interesting articles on your site. Think about what your readers would like to read and write for them with catchy headlines and “how to” articles.

4. Promote off line
People will not know about your site unless you talk about. You must go out there and promote your blog.Establish contacts with other bloggers, get them to retweet your articles. Comment on bigger blogging sites, be relevant and interesting comments, do not just put a link in there.

Make sure above all else, that you choose a topic you are interested in and love your blog – so write regularly so that readers can find up to date articles.

See you at the next event.

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