Search London – SEO in 2013

The last Search London event for the year took place on November 27th in Shoreditch and we had two great speakers talk about SEO in 2013.

I would like to say a thank you to the speakers Lee Smallwood and Richard Baxter.  Richard came on the day that his company SEOGadget opened a new office in San Francisco, so he has been pretty busy.  Richard Baxter, has uploaded his presentation onto slideshare.  Lee Smallwood’s presentation is also on slideshare.

Search London continues to grow and this event was the largest to date with 291 RSVPs.  This was also the first time there was a Search London organising team who had helped put on the event.  I was pleased to have a Search London organising team on board as the number of members has grown considerably.  I was actually looking back at the number of members and in January 2012 and there were 592 people and now there are over 1,107. It has almost doubled in size in just 12 months.

Search London Team with Lee Smallwood and Richard Baxter


Luella Ben AzizaTim Sheed and Mike Chidzey and of course myself make up the Search London Organising Team.  I am currently in Australia and therefore will miss out the next event in early 2013.  However, I will be back in March for another great Search London meetup.


Thank you to everyone for their support and continuing to come to Search London, which seen the meetup double in size in 2012.  Lets hope the growth and interest continues in 2013.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  As soon as the details of the next Search London event are confirmed, it will be announced.



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