SEO Down Under

Hi everyone,

I know it has been some time since I last updated my blog. I have not shown it much love. I have been really busy at work and also at home. My sister and her fiance moved to Australia for good which meant we all moved out of our flat that we shared.

We went to the airport on June 21st and said goodbye.
It was supposed to be quick, but then we realised they were 42kgs overweight.

Ruth and Matt 42kgs overweight - costing 1,000 pounds

As Ruth and Matt did not have a spare 1,000 pounds which could have easily been the cost of a plane ticket, they decided to repack.
Matt and Ruth repacking

Once they had repacked and shipped the additional case as cargo, it was time to say goodbye. We are seeing them in 6 months time. Wish them well Down Under…..

Ruth and Jo saying goodbye - see you in six months

Ruth will not be coming to anymore Search London events, but she may be getting into Search Down Under.

Good Luck Ruth !

4 thoughts on “SEO Down Under

    1. Jo Turnbull Post author

      Yes it is sad to see them go, but they are going to be happy Down Under and we will visit them at Christmas. Hope all is going well you in the US.

    1. Jo Turnbull Post author

      Thanks Reena, yeah we do look quite similar. Will be updating this blog when I am Down Under with the latest seo news.


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