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I have been trying to explain to non seo gurus why people should engage in seo and felt I needed to clear up the “myths and fasle information” that people have been told. Then I saw last Friday, that Patricia Robies wrote on econsultancy blog about “The six inconvenient truths about SEO” and what an interesting read it was. Here are the six points she mentioned with my comments added.

1. Time – SEO takes time.
It can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months for the results of your seo efforts to take fruit. You should be patient, do not give up.

2. SEO is not fair.
Patricia mentioned that paid links may work and your competitors might be winning by using them in disregard of Google’s ‘rules’. Don’t worry about this though, just focus on your site and use white hat seo techniques.

3. Top SERPs aren’t always possible.
I agree with Patricia on this point. Even though you perserve and put in a lot of time optimisng your site, you may not be able to get the top SERPs for particular keywords. There may be a lot of competition, too much in your field and for your budget.

4.SEO is not all about process.
Some people are natural born seo gurus and some are not. Those that have the talent are able to get to the top of the SERPs. I agree with Patricia in some ways, however, I do feel if someone is passionate about seo and trains and works on a vast number of websites, their experience will help them become the seo expert delivering sought after results.

5. SEO isn’t a standalone marketing strategy.
I strongly agree with Patricia. I have mentioned before than seo is BAU . SEO should be part of the company’s marketing strategy. It should be implemented with paid search, display, email and offline marketing.

6. The last mile counts more than the first 99.
Once you have reached top SERPs, don’t sit back and wait. Now that you are ranking within the top ten of google, you have to convert those users.

To find out more about the six inconvenient truths about seo please visit the econsultancy website.

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