seojoblogs Turns 3 Years Old

The website is 3 years old.  I set up the blog in February 2009 to learn more about online especially seo and also to help those who were in the same position as me and wanted to get ahead in online marketing.


I do not always update the blog as much as I would like to, but in the three years, I have written 181 posts, went from working client side to then working at two agencies, rising up to be SEO Account Director for a large mobile operator. I am now working freelance on seo projects, something which I love and running Search London, a networking event for those in online marketing.


To celebrate turning 3 years old, I have updated the website.  I love the colour blue, but have modernised the theme and now people can follow me on twitter and on Linkedin.  I will be working on a new logo as the header still looks a bit bland, but I am pleased with the modern seojoblogs look.


Thank you everyone who has followed me in the past few years, who have commented on my blog and who have also attended my Search London events.
Happy Birthday seojoblogs - 3 Years Old

I am not good at baking so I didn’t make this cake – image is from – I just love this computer and looks delicious to eat.

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