Digital Search Events in London This June

Summer is here and what better place to enjoy the sunny weather, than in London and going to some of the most important digital events in the capital.  These are just three of the events I recommend going to this month.

Tower of London

OMN London

Date: Thursday, 11th of June

Gus Ferguson, the organiser of OMN london is putting on the second Future of Work Series this month.  The keynote speaker is Futurist Rohit Talwar  and OMN Londn are also partnering with Upwork, the world’s foremost freelance talent marketplace who will be speaking and sponsoring the bar.

OMN London

On the night, the speakers will provide powerful insights on how rapid advances in science, technology and social expectations will bring major disruption to life and business over the next two decades. They will explore how the human brain and body will be enhanced and how the boundaries between real and virtual will all but disappear.

RSVP for OMN London  to attend this event on the HMS President, drink in hand, chatting with the best and brightest of London’s digital scene.

SEO BootCamp

Date: Monday, June 22nd

The second Search Bootcamp for the year organised by SEOMonitor takes place on Monday, June 22nd.

logo alb

They offer an exciting day of learning about SEO through different case studies, with access to the industry specialists, engaging workshops, round tables and stirring discussions.
Search Bootcamp it brings together a great mix of specialists, both local and international, that put focus on practical ideas and key insights.There are some well known speakers at the event including Kelvin Newman, Alexandra Tachalova from SEM Rush, Jack Norell from Forward 3D. The event speaks to an audience with medium-advanced knowledge, aiming to create the complete SEO specialist and wants to raise the bar higher, with each new edition.

One of the particular traits/surprises of the event is that it engages the participants and triggers their creative process before the event day, boosting interaction during the workshops. This is achieved with each speaker preparing, as part of their workshops, a task (which can be quite creative) for the attendees to prepare before arriving.

All SEO Jo Blog readers will get 50% off with this promo code: SEOJoBlogs50. Register for your ticket on Search Bootcamp.

Search London

Date: Monday, June 29th

The next Search London event will be ROI of Social Media. There are two great speakers. Hannah Thorpe from theMediaFlow and Jasper Martens from Simply Business.


Hannah will speak about:

Brief. Deliver. Measure. Repeat: How to Quantify Investment in Social Media”

Social Media can be a tool with unrivalled potential, or a distraction and a waste of time. In order to make the most of your investment in social media, it’s important to identify your objectives, and then measure the results to quantify the impact it’s having.

Jasper will present:

How to Use Social to Make Small Businesses Brand Aware and ‘Ready to Buy‘”. Jasper will present examples of how Simply Business is using social, search and PR to make audiences brand aware and turn them into a ‘ready-to-buy’ state, demonstrating ROI on social, online PR and search.

Register for your ticket on Eventbrite.

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