The Phone to Play with at Mobile World Congress

Which phones will you have?

February 14 – February 18th was Mobile World Congress (MWC) which is the conference to attend for anyone in mobile. Unfortunately I did not have a spare 2k to go and could not get a sponsor so alas I was left to read the daily update emails which were quite informative. Not nearly as exciting as if I had gone to the conference myself.

Anyways, we move on….

What are the main mobile phones to look out for?

Sony Ericsson Play

Sony Ericsson Play – this will come out this month to some of the big network operators….

Instead of containing a keyboard, the play has a slider panel that features a playstation D pad controller and buttons. There are two dual analogue touch pads as well that simulate the sticks on a playstation joy pad.

If you go into any high street network store, they will probably tell you how much it will cost. Of course it will just be on contract to begin with, but those pay as you go customer should not have to wait too long before you can buy it off contract.

So has anyone else got a handset similar? Yes the NGP – which is the PSP2, coming out later n 2011.

LG also launched its own “play phone” the Optimus 3D. It has dual camera on the back which allows you to shoot your won 3D video. Then you can share this with the dedicated 3D channel on YouTube.

The LG also has its iPad rival called the Optimus Pad that has 3D technology. We all know this is not the first company to offer a rival product. HTC has its “Flyer” and Samsung has its “Galaxy Tab”. Motorola launched their version at the Mobile World Congress which is the “Xoom”. As soon as one manufacturer launches such an innovative product, the other companies are hot on their heels. Apple will also face competition from BlackBerry’s PlayBook and HP’s Palm powered webOS device.

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