Top mobile phones for 2009

12 months is a long time in the mobile phone world.

This year has seen quite a few “firsts” in mobile land, here I have just highlighted the major phones for the year, if you think of anymore, please contact me.

May – Android HTC Magic on Vodafone
Follow up to the T-Mobile G1 ‘Googlephone,’

The second Android-based phone, the Magic no longer has the slide out QWERTY keyboard of its predecessor, and is a slimmer, sleeker package from Vodafone

October 2009
Motorola’s first handset in several years and first Android phone – Motorola DEXT. This was available only on Orange but as the iPhone was coming out the following month, people did not sign up to the DEXT.

November 2009
Saw Orange get the iPhone – O2’s exclusitivity on the iPhone came to an end.
The first ever 12 mega pixel camera – the sony ericsson satio released onto the market.

December 2009 – Tesco launched the iPhone

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