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EU Referendum – Interview with Call Your Nan Website Owner

Everyone is talking about the EU Referendum. As the Leave Campaign were gaining momentum, one man in particular wanted to do what he could to Remain in the EU. He set up the website that has gone viral – Call Your Nan.  This man was Liam Brennan. Liam and I used to work together a few years ago and I wanted to find out more about the site @LCBrennan put together in just a few hours.

“Liam, thank you for taking part in the interview.  Your site – call your nan has gone viral.  You were featured in the Huffington post, Metro and Guardian too, interviewed on the radio and even some celebs have tweeted the site.

From today it looks like you have just over 30,000 visits and it is the last day to vote.

Call Your Nan June 23 2355

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Interview with Paul Rouke – Speaker at Conversion World

I met Paul Rouke at a Conversion Conference a couple years ago and I wanted to find out more information about conversion optimisation and how he is preparing for Conversion World, the virtual conference taking place next month.

How did you get into Conversion Optimisation?

Leaving school with a passion for design and computers, clearly the natural path to take was to join an engineering apprenticeship with British Aerospace! As it turned out, two years in to my four-year apprenticeship I made one of my early life lessons – if you don’t feel like you are in a role that is allowing you to do what you are really passionate about, make a change.

So I went from wiring missile control panels to a design role (desktop publishing in fact), which soon after led me to join Shop Direct Group (who at the time were Great Universal Stores). As I was working within their catalogue design department, an opportunity came up to become their first web designer and I jumped at the opportunity. This was back in 1999, and it was then that I took part in my first ever user research session. This role and introduction to interacting with users to understand their behaviour set me up for life (well, the rest of my career to date)!

In 2004, I began moonlighting under my company name PRWD, providing UX design and development for a range of businesses looking to invest in a customer focused online experience. User research was a core passion and a core focus for the business then, and it has remained the same throughout our first 11 years. On saying this, up until 2009 we were missing one thing – the quantifiable evidence that the improvements we were recommending were actually changing user behaviour and delivering a higher percentage of outcomes for our clients.

With this in mind, in 2009 we started our first conversion optimisation programme. Since then, we have focused the business on delivering transformative conversion optimisation programmes for a wide range of mid to enterprise size brands such as The North Face, The Student Room, Skyscanner, Bensons, Sliderobes, Lovehoney, King & McGaw and Harveys.

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Interview with Conversion World Founder, Manuel da Costa

Do you want to attend more conferences but do not have the time or budget to travel?
I would recommend attending at least one and this is Conversion World. It is taking place 18-20 April 2016 this year. Conversion World is an online/virtual conference dedicated to Conversion Rate Optimisation and growth.  This will be the second edition of the event after a successful run in 2015.  Last year there were delegates and speakers from Europe, US and Australia.
Conversion World
As an organizer or Search London, I wanted to find out what it was like organising an online conference such as this one. I interview the founder, Manuel da Costa.

How long have you been in Conversion Optimisation for?

Coming up to 4 years now since I started focussing solely on Conversion Optimisation and growth.

When did you first have the idea of running this conference?

I had the idea about a year and half before I actually started planning it. I sat on it for a while, never too sure if this would be something people wanted to be a part of. Founder’s doubt, you can call it.
Conversion World

How do you attract the speakers?

I have a big network which consists of top CRO experts. For year one, it was reaching out to them and inviting them to be part of it. There isn’t a big barrier for speakers to take part in Conversion World compared to regular conferences ie No travel, no jetlag and minimal time commitment so that makes it easier.

What are the requirements to be a speaker and how do they present?

The conference speakers are selected on an invite only basis. Meaning they are hand picked or they come recommended. The general rule is that they have a talk that is actionable and practical for the attendees. No sales pitches.
For speakers, the attraction was being part of this global event without the usual travel and time commitments. They could be anywhere in the world, hook up their webcam and mic and present to our audience.

Do the speakers need a webcam? do they talk through a presentation or is it more of q&A style format?

Yes. They need a webcam and their slide deck to present. The format varies. Usually it will be a presentation. This year, we are adding panels with multiple speakers and AMAs (Ask me anythings) to make it more varied.

Interview with Entrepreneurs – YourScene Founders

When I was in Sydney, I met two fellow entrepreneurs – Huan Nguyen and Martin Pham who were founders of YourScene. As an entrepreneur myself, I wanted to find out what inspired them to create this unique product.

How did you come up with the idea for YourScene?

YourScene was originally devised as all good businesses start, with drinks and a group of friends.

The original idea was to start up a website where models, photographers and make up artists could connect. They would post jobs and bid for jobs using the same business model as Freelancer.

To promote this, we thought we’d run a photo booth at different events to get our name out there as people would be going home with our print outs with our logo and details on them.

We got so good at it that people started approaching us to service their weddings, birthdays and corporate Christmas parties. When we started doing this, there were only a handful of companies doing photo booths and within a year, there were over 50.

Soon, the market was flooded with too many photo booths offering lower prices but for substandard work. We didn’t want to get sucked into the war of reducing prices because in the end, no one wins.

So instead of competing with that, we thought we’d create something new to bring to Sydney and Australia as a whole. This is how we created our Tag’N’Print service.

Martin and Huan

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Interview with Laura Roth and Anna Lee Organisers of SES Conference

Being an event organiser of Search London,  I appreciate a lot of work goes into organising big conferences such as the one I recently attended – SES NY.  I met Laura Roth and Anna Lee while I was over in New York and wanted to ask them a few questions on what it is like running one of the largest search marketing conferences in the industry, SES.

SES Content Gals

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