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Search London Turns 8

Earlier this year, Search London the meetup I organise for those in SEO, PPC and Social, turned 8 years old. We have managed to grow to over 2000 members through the 6 – 8 events held a year, the great speakers we have and our members.

We celebrated the birthday at Bounce, Holborn and we had three sponsors to help put on the party. OnCrawl, Lukasz Zelezny and Yard. Lukasz has been a supporter of Search London from the beginning and it was the first time he sponsored the event.

Digital is a small world. I wrote about the event on the Ayruz website who built this site for Search London. Ayruz has offices in Kerala India and in the US. I met the owner and founder of the company, Sanil when I was contracting in London in 2014. in February, Luksaz went to India and was speaking in Kerala at the SEM Rush event, where Digital Director, Nivin from Ayruz met.

Lukasz’ photographer friend, Mariusz from captured the evening with some great photos. All can be found on the SearchLDN Facebook page.


SearchLondon Cake

How To Rebrand Your Company

I went to Brighton SEO last week and Sam from Koozai talked about rebranding your company. They went through the process last year.  Koozai wanted to create a brand that was more recognisable.  They wanted to differentiate themselves.  Sam came up with many steps on how to rebrand a company.  I have picked the most important. One name fits all Do you want to have one name across all products? That is the question you should ask yourself.  For some companies such as Virgin it works well, but for others it does not.  Would you want to associate Coca Cola with Vitamin Water? The latter is a Coca Cola product but it is aimed at a completely different market and therefore it would be detrimental if Coca Cola was on the Vitamin Water bottle. Continue reading