Turn Digi – September 2021

Turn Digi is back after a summer break with 4 speakers sharing their tips about Tech SEO, Digital PR, Agency vs In House as well as PPC.

Tune in at 2pm BST on Thursday, September 16th, to upskill and learn more about these different elements of online marketing.

We have Mufaddal Sadriwala, Izzy Wisniewska, Gus Pelogia and Susie Marino sharing their experience with us at Turn Digi.


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Full details of the talks below:

Mufaddal Sadriwala  –  How to Get Your Tech SEO Changes Implemented (FAST!)

This talk is about how SEO’s struggle to get the website changes implemented by a developer and because of the it impact on the overall SEO project and it’s outcome. Even the smartest SEO’s on this planet face the approval and change implementation issue which is never ending.

The reason for it is lack of understanding around “How SEO works!” That’s why Mufaddal listed down 11 easy techniques on building a solid relationship with your developer which in turn will help get the SEO changes implemented SUPERFAST! These suggestions are not quick hacks but the changes we as SEO’s need to bring in our behaviour, understanding, delegation of tasks, etc… for getting things done he also has a case study at the end where he shows how he increased one of his client’s organic traffic by 400% in a year by fixing their technical & content issues using these exact methodologies while working with them. Mufaddal built a process around it which helped in improving the efficiency and outcomes.

Izzy Wisniewska – How to Link Digital PR and Link Building to Create a Perfect Approach to Off-Page SEO for 2021

This talk will focus on differences between digital PR and Link Building and will also explain why we should use both not one or the other to create a perfect approach to off page SEO in 2021. Second part of the presentation will showcase real life examples of practices that connects the two perfectly for both bigger and smaller budgets.

Gus Pelogia – Agency vs In-House – Key Differences to be Aware of Before Moving

Are you considering changing from an agency to in-house SEO? After nearly five years in award-winning agencies in Ireland, Gus Pelogia has recently made the move to an in-house role at Teamwork. In this talk, he’ll explain how he weighted in elements such as career progression, stress, workload and role scope. Gus will also present several SEO implementations he always wanted to do but only managed to implement since working in-house.

Susie Marino – How to Use the 2021 Changes in Google Ads Match Types to Your Advantage

This talk will discuss a lesser known strategy of PPC to combine Google’s pre-templated large audiences with broad match search terms to help advertisers reach the right person each time they search without risking any wasted spend with the less restrictive match type.

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