What's new with Flickr

There are lots of new things happening in social networking. Flickr, the photo sharing website is now introducing a new sharing option called Flickr Twitter Beta.

This will allow users to automatically notify their friends via Twitter every time they upload a photo. At the moment, it just works for email uploads, but before long it could grow to the whole site. Another future feature is adding the possibility to tweet a photo from inside Flickr.

“How does this work ?” you may ask.
Well let us just say it is very clever and social networking is faced pace, so things advance all the time. The secret is that the system works with what is called “the Oauth protocol” and it links a user’s Flickr and Twitter accounts together. How smart is that? Very smart, it means every single time a user uploads a new photo through email, a message that links to it is posted on the user’s Twitter stream.

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