Who are the smartphone users?

According to Admob, there is a fifty-fifty split between male and females who use the iPhone, iPod Touch and WebOS. However, 73% of Android users are male. The iPod touch has the youngest demographic and is mostly popular with those 17 years old or younger.

Age by platform

The report also shows the differences and similarities between the Android and iPhone platforms. Despite the fact that Android and iPhone users download a similar number of apps every month and spend a similar amount of time using the apps, there is a difference in the purchasing patterns between the two smartphones.

As the table below illustrates, only 21% of Android users buy at least 1 paid app per month. The fact that are larger percentage of the Android apps are free (57%) compared to Apple (25%) affects this percentage.

Average App Downloads per Month

In terms of recommendations, more people with iPhones would recommend their handset (91%) compared with 84% of Android users. Perhaps this may be due to the fact the iPhone entered the market in 2007 and Android still has some catching up to do, launching its first handset in 2008.

Find out more about the January 2010 mobile metrics report from Admob

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