Why should you have a mobile strategy

Three main reasons:

1. Everyone is going mobile

The iPhone launched UK November 2007 changed the way we thought about mobile phones and advertising forever.

Google even has its own mobile strategy, launching the first Android phone the G1 in 2008. Last November Google paid $750 million for Admob so it certainly sees mobile as a growing area, Apple does as well and bought Quattro, Admob’s privately owned rival which owns mobile websites and applications for Apple’s iPhone and other smart phones.

2. There is potential to earn a new revenue stream from mobile.

According to Gartner, mobile advertising revenues could be worth as much $13 billion by 2013. If we just had 1% of that, we would be very happy agency. There is a window of opportunity here for a digital agency that says it can offer everything digital to deliver a new service to its clients and generate more revenue.

3. There is an increase in the number of smartphones

According to Strategy Analytics, smartphones now account for 15% of global mobile shipments, and that proportion is expected to rise to 45% by 2013. Smartphones are a great platform to create adverts or mobile apps to drive customers to the clients’ products.

If you are an agency and have clients that expand across a wide range of industries, there is huge potential. As a digital agency you should put together a roadmap of how you can drive more sales to their website through this new channel – mobile.

There are many areas of a mobile marketing strategy as the table below indicates.

Mobile Marketing Communications

(source: www.marshall.usc.edu – Mobile Marketing: From Marketing Strategy to Mobile Marketing Campaign Implementation)

As an agency, you have to decide which area you can offer that best suits your clients’ needs.

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