Xperia Play, the new Android Phone

Today is the day when the Xperia Play, the world’s first Playstation and Android phone launches.

The Sony Ericsson phone is claimed to be the ultimate smartphone. It has the latest version of the Android OS, 5.1 megapixel camera (front and back) incase you want to take lots of pictures of yourself, and of course being Android, you have access to over 150,000 apps from the market place.

Android mobile phones
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What is so special about this phone?
Well it has a dedicated slide out control pad, powerful graphics with an optimised 1GHz Snapdragon processor. Ok enough of the tech bits – well one more – there are more than 50 games to download (but it comes with 6). So apparently this really is a gamers mobile phone. Time will tell if it flies off the shelf

To celebrate the launch of this momentus mobile phone, everyone was invited to go to the Xperia Play rooms on 21 – 31 New Oxford Street from 9am – 5pm. I, like most people have the day job to go to (haven’t quite made enough to retire yet) so I did not go. If you went, please let me know how it was.

Metro were giving away golden tickets which allowed everyone to go to the event. However, when scanned at the door to the Xperia Play rooms, there was a chance to attend the VIP party in the evening with Mr Tinchy Stryder. I know someone who won tickets, so maybe I can get some cool photos to upload.

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