Birthday number 5

London Girl Geek dinner celebrated their fifth birthday on Wednesday and what an event it was.

Hosted at the lovely Google UK headquarters with sponsors from Dinastia Vivanco, Green & Blacks and Juniper Networks, there were a lot of girl geeks.

It kicked off around 6:30 and then we were welcomed by Sarah Gordon from Google who gave a presentation about the growth of the smartphone market. It is amazing how much the mobile phone has changed over the past decade and sometimes I wonder what the market will be like in the next ten years.

This was one of the best networking events I have attended. Maybe because there were so many women in the same room all into “geeky things” and the fact that it was at Google and there were interesting talks about mobile and by Sue Black who discussed how social media helped her raise the profile of Bletchley Park. It was a great event and I am so pleased I got to attend, there were over 300 people that applied for a ticket, but only 80 people got to go.

Happy 5th Birthday Girl Geek Dinners

There was a raffle at the event and there were a lot of cool prizes to be won. Sadly I did not win, but all the money raised through the raffle went to charity. London Girl Geek dinners is working on getting charitable status, so if you would like to help, get in touch with them. It would be fantastic if they could get charitable status as they raise a lot of money already.

I look forward to the next Girl Geek Dinners, I was amazed at how much they have grown over the past five years, from just 33 members in 2005 to over 27,000 now. They have girl geek dinners all round the world including Europe, Canada and Australia. You will never be far from a girl geek.

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