Five Interesting Facts When Analysing Tweets of #DigitalSummerParty

I first found out about TweetBinder when I read a post by Hannah Thorpe who analysed the tweets from BrightonSEO in her post on theMediaFlow

I helped to organise the Digital Summer Party that took place last week and I wanted to look at the tweets over the course of the day and also the evening.  The #DigitalGrowthDay took place at the Google Campus and we had over 80 people attend. We had 18 workshops during the day which covered a wide variety of subjects. Analysing the tweets over the day, there were some interesting facts:

Tweets Sent

There were 186 tweets sent and there were 3 tweet per contributor. The tweets had a reach of 74,360 which is great to any brand sponsoring the event.

Tweets Digital Growth Day

Spike in Twitter Activity

Looking at the tweets over the 5 days, most of the tweets around #DigitalGrowthDay took place on Thursday as to be expected. Since the event, the number of tweets has reduced.

Digital Growth Day


Tweetbinder also analysed the Twitter profiles and separated them out into:

Most Active, Highest Impact, Most Popular and Original Tweets. @SearchLDN was the most active and also sent the most original tweets.  Good to know ! Closely followed as the most active was @OMNLDN and @timsheed. The highest impact tweets, it was close between @OMNLDN and @timsheed. The most popular was @GA_London who took one of the last sessions of the #DigitalGrowthDay.

Digital Growth Day Analysis


There were over 200 more tweets for the #DigitalSummerParty which is to be expected as there were 650+ people attending the evening event. The impact therefore was greater at 1,852,189 and the reach was 668,580.

Tweets Digital Summer Party


Tweetbinder shows the number of original tweets, photos and retweets.  More than half of the tweets analysed were retweets.  This shows that people like to share other people’s news/comments and pictures.

Digital Summer Party


Looking at the activity for #DigitalGrowthDay, the Twitter profiles that was Most Active was OMNLondon, followed by @SearchLDN. The profile with the most Original Tweets was @SearchLDN followed by @LukaszZelezny who was the third most influential in Hannah Thorpe’s BrightonSEO analysis post. The key note speaker from the #DigitalSummerParty, @Jmacdonald had the highest impact on the night.

Digital Summer Party Analysis

As Hannah already mentioned in her post, Tweetbinder is a great tool for analysing tweets. It also shows the power of the tweets and their influence.  If you were a sponsor at the #DigitalSummerParty, your brand had massive exposure to key influencers in the digital and tech industry.

Thank you everyone for coming to #DigitalSummerParty and the #DigitalGrowthDay.  If you attended my “5 Ways to Make SEO Work on a Budget”, get in touch and I will share the presentation with you.

Watch this space, the next Search London event will be announced soon.

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