How to get the ipad 2 – form a queue

So the iPad 2 hit the shores of the UK on Friday and now they already sold out. Why does this happen every time Apple launch a new product and who are the people that spend their time waiting in line?

Queue for the ipad 2 outside Apple Regent Street

Is it worth waiting in line for hours on end?

According to the Evening Standard, there were more than 300 people queuing for the 399 pound iPad 2 so obviously yes, as the shops have now sold out. Friday was also the launch of the Nintendo DS. I wonder if Apple launched the same time as Nintendo on purpose. Friday became one of the most lucrative high street gadget sales.

Who queues?

There was a father of two who was fourth in the queue for the original iPad last year and now he was first in the queue. It did come at a cost as he missed his son’s birthday to wait outside the Apple store. I think attending your son’s birthday is more important. You never know, he may be giving the iPad 2 to his son.

There was a couple who spent the night on the pavement. The boyfriend was after the iPad and the very nice girlfriend didn’t want it, she was just keeping her boyfriend company. Ahh isn’t that nice?

I went into Kingston upon Thames, just outside of London and there was a queue from 3:00am on Friday morning and they sold out within 5 hours. I went to Kingston today (2 days after the launch) and they told me iPad 2 would not be available for another 2 weeks. I also went to Orange and Tmobile who were sold out and they told me the same thing. But I can still get one and I didn’t have to spend 33 hours waiting, I just need to let the hype die down.

If I choose to spend the 399 pounds, I will get a 33% and 15% lighter IPad and so far people have been impressed by the upgrade. Apple will no longer stock the orginal iPad, so if you want a cheaper model, better get down to Apple soon before that sells out as well.

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