London Blog Club – March 22, 2011

On Tuesday this week I went to London Blog Club – hosted by Marko Saric, Filip Matous and Tamara Walker. The event was held at the Blue Posts pub (one of the regular locations for the London Blog club), just off of Oxford Street, so quite central.

View of London

Sanjay Shelat from Edit Optimisation was the guest speaker. He has worked for companies like Gumtree & Ebay and was very enthusiastic about seo and gave a lot of tips on how to optimise your blog. Here are a few for you to read and take away if you didn’t get to go to this event:

1) Page Title

Sanjay said this was one of the most important elements of seo. I am glad he mentioned this as I have spoken about this before at work and in my blog. You cannot expect to rank for a term if you do not have that term within your page title.

2) H1 tag

This is the main heading for your post. Each subsection should have an H2 tag and its subsection should have an H3 tag and so on.

3) Body copy

Again it is important to have relevant content on the page tied in with the keywords the site wants to rank for. There is no way a page can rank for “cookies” if there is no mention of the word “cookies” within the body copy. It makes sense really, would a user think your site is about cookies if there is no mention on the page?

4) More tag

The more tag features on many blogs and is a hyperlink which links to the rest of the content on the blog. For example it allows just 80 – 100 words (which ever you set) to appear on the home page and then allows the user the click through to see the remainder of the post.

5) How to

When deciding on a title for your post, ones which start with “how to” always seem to attract more visitors than those that do not. This is just logical, people are often looking for quick wins of “how to” make a chocolate cake or “how to” make my blog – as is the URL of Marko Saric’s blog.

6) Links

Links are very important in seo, it is something that should never be underestimated. Of course you having links from a spam site would cause greater damage than actually helping you rank higher in the search engine result pages. You need to have a diversified link building strategy, making sure you get links from a number of different sites and IP addresses that are high authority sites. The “link juice” from these sites will help push up your rankings and generate more traffic to your site.

Those were a few tips from the London Blog Club, if you want to attend any of their events, they are held monthly in central london.

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