Hello moto is back

To hit the Orange shops next month, Motorola is entering the Android arena with its CLIQ phone. So will this be the comeback of all phones? Will Motorola now be able to claim back some market share? It only has 2.19% according to getjar so has a long way to go.

Motorola have been out of the game for so long and now there are so many other competitors in the market.
Apparently the mobile phone is supposed to be for the young teen market instead of business users. So what is so special about this smartphone? Well to start with, it uses Google’s Android, packing 3G, there is a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, GPS, 5mp camera, but what is really amazing is “Motoblur” which is a new social networking-oriented user interface/service.

Motoblur as the name suggests blurs everything into one. It allows you to access all your different networks and account from the front page of the mobile phone. So your email, twitter, facebook can be accessed in one fell swoop. What is exciting about this phone is the “happenings” widget, which is a live feed of all your friends’ activities from whichever social networking sites you belong to. You can also update your status across these sites in one go. You can choose which widgets you want on the default screen, allowing instant access. You can also litter apps including YouTube and Google Maps around the widgets for a more personalised experience.

What is most surprising is that it doesnt have Wi-Fi connectivty and it only has 2GB MicroSD card. It can be expanded to 32GB but that is a bit of a pain. But I suppose the new features for the phone as below make up for it:
• Customisable home screen with Happenings, Status and Messaging widgets deliver status
• Customizable RSS news widgets keeps you up to date
• Messaging with Facebook, MySpace and Twitter Direct Messaging
• Address book synchs personal and work contacts, and connected social networks
• Caller ID shows caller’s name, number, status and profile pic
• Photosharing in MySpace, Photobucket, Picasa, Facebook

Plus if you lose your phone or it is stolen you can also restore everything automatically in the new phone and wipe all the info from your old phone. (remotely wipe it). So no need to have any of those back up and restore software solutions that seem to be saturating the market place – eg zyb, mobileme….. So what are you waiting for? Get down to the Orange shop and put your name on the waiting list. Orange have exclusitivity on this phone in the UK, France and Spain.

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