SEO is Business As Usual (BAU)

Grand CanyonSEO is Business as Usual

SEO in the search world is an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation. But I also like to think of it as the Simple Easy Option. People over complicate things a lot and website optimisation is no exception.

A friend of my sister’s who owns a dress agency in the high street asked me for help with her website. She did not understand why her site wasn’t coming up and how she could increase traffic to her site.

The trick is to keep it simple, one step at a time. As the owner did not have the files for her site, we could not amend the content or the code. So the only realistic and effective option was to build links to her site. Create a buzz about it .. too easy. Her shop is different to the other clothes shops in the high street. It is a dress agency where women sell their designer clothes which she then sells in her shop to other women looking for a good deal.

After we checked if the site was indexed (which is wasn’t) and checked for the number of links to her site (which was 0), we worked on the keywords. We decided to optimize for only three as it has just three pages, simple. We looked at her competitors as well. She is lucky as there aren’t many, and the competitors didn’t have well optimized sites but they did have links. Easily done.

So let the link building commence….Did we do directory submissions I hear you ask? No no, we did not, well only to one business directory. What we concentrated on, was good old fashioned press releases. In a press release we can build links back to the site, have our key terms and even include an image which will appear in the search results. In addition, the owner had contacts with the local councils, both in her residential area and where the business was located. So one press release, sent to two councils published on two websites and in two newspapers. Easy…

Financial cost = nothing Resources = time.

So you don’t need to have a lot of money or be some tech guru to get involved with seo. You just need some patience and think of SEO as the acronym for the Simple Easy Option.

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