How to make your wedding day last

So today it was Kate and Will that got married. Congratulations to them. I am not a royalist, but I couldn’t help feel very happy for Catherine and William.

There were months of preparation and yet it is all over in one day. All that hype and then it is over.

I am going to another wedding tomorrow, one that was planned well before the engagement announcement of Wills and Kate. My aunt has made the bride’s dress and the bridesmaids, the venue was booked months ago, flowers, catering and photographers have been planned out to the finest detail. After the wedding couple leave at midnight, the wedding will be over and life again returns to normality. It seems like a little bit of an anti climax, lots of planning and preparation and then it lasts barely 12 hours.

London wedding - Google doodle

So I thought I would come up with a few suggestions on how to make your wedding day last

1) Start early
Some weddings I have been to start at 5 in the afternoon and then it is over far too quickly. If you are getting married in the summer, start the ceremony closer to 12, then you have the whole afternoon and evening to celebrate.

2) Friends take photos
Instead of expensive flowers on each table, leave 2 disposable cameras which you ask your guests to use during the day. They can therefore take photos of all of your guests, friends and family which you will be able to view in years to come.

3) Great food
I have been to several weddings and there is never enough to eat. You get a small plate of some fancy food at 5pm or 6pm by which time you are starving. Suggest having a selection of starters on each table which people can then help themselves to. The waiters will then come round with different main course dishes
This way people will be full and will not be wishing the day away so that they can go and grab themselves some proper food.

4) Youtube it
Everyone has access to a video camera now a days. Ask your friends to film themselves giving a little speech about the happy couple. They can then post it on YouTube or send you all the films privately. You will then be able to watch the videos for a while, reliving your special day.

5)Reuse your wedding dress
You probably spent a lot of money on your wedding dress but you only got to wear it once. Have a post wedding party, where you can invite your girlfriends round, they wear either a bridesmaid or their wedding dress and you wear one yourself. You can then share photos of the big day with them and plan for the next big party.

There you have it, a few little tips to help make the big day last that bit longer.

If I think of anymore, I will add it to this post.

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